1. BPED

    SOLD: SoTM sMS-200 Neo network server + SoTM sPS-500

    I am selling my SoTM sMS-200 Neo network server with a separate power supply SoTM sPS-500. Roon compatible.
  2. xxx1313

    SOLD: SOtM tX-USBultra USB Signal Regenerator (EU)

    Selling an SOtM tX-USBultra USB Signal Regenerator in original box and with original energiser as well as USB cable. It is in very good condition and works fine. I liked it a lot in combination with my Chord Dave, which has just been sold. The tX-USBultra is one of the absolute best (the...
  3. yellowblue

    SoTM tx-USBultra with clock upgrade

    This is the upgraded version with 50Ohm clock input. Mint condition. Shipping only within EU. Even selling a Cybershaft OP13 clock.
  4. stujbro

    Rack for Sotm Trifecta

    I'm having a hard time finding a decent (or any for that matter) rack for my Sotm sms200ultra / sps500 / tx usbultra. On the Sotm website, they link to a Korean company called Takt but their racks are for a different set of components. I'd even consider a custom made rack if anyone can...
  5. auricgoldfinger

    SOLD: SOtM dCBL-BNC50 Digital Cable 1 Meter

    For sale is (1) SOtM dCBL-BNC50 digital cable. The length is 1 meter. The MSRP of this cable is $700. My asking price includes Paypal fees and free shipping within the CONUS. All other buyers must pay full shipping cost. The dCBL-BNC50 is a 50Ω cable used primarily for 10MHz master reference...
  6. Roger5

    SOLD: SOtM sMS-200

    SOtM sMS-200 network player. Original owner, excellent condition. Smoke-free and pet-free household. Includes original packaging, manual, and power supply. Also includes 9V/2.0A iFi iPower power supply with original packaging and accessories. Price includes PP fees and shipping to the...
  7. S

    SOtM sMS-200 Modded to accept 2 clock inputs

    Up for sale is a modded SoTM sMS-200. It has been modded to accept external clock signals of 24MHz (for USB) and 25MHz (for Ethernet and the mobo) from an external Ultra component. Typically, this would be a tX-USBultra or a dX-USB HD Ultra, that has also been modded to supply these 2 clock...
  8. cat6man

    SoTM dx-usbHD with SuperClock upgrade **SOLD**

    I'm selling my SoTM dx-usbHD with the superclock sCLK-2224 upgrade (list price $950). This takes usb input, reclocks it and outputs coax, optical or aes/ebu. This unit is ideal for DACs that would best on inputs other than USB (in my case, my DAC sounds vastly superior with aes/ebu input). I'm...
  9. hattrick15

    ISO REGEN vs. SOtM tx-USBultra regenerator

    I'm looking at buying either the ISO REGEN or the SOtm tX-USBultra regenerator to help clean up my USB connection. Do these two devices do essentially the same thing? If anyone has listened to both before, can you share what each did for your sound?
  10. guerph

    SOtM sMS-200 High End Audio Mini Music Server Network Media Player

    Like new condition. Original packaging and materials. Looking for $400 includes shipping and fees. Will include an Edimax EW-7811UAC 11AC Dualband USB Adapter with High Gain Antenna and USB Extension Cradle. Tested using the Edimax dongle. Works and sounds great!