sotm sms-200
  1. B

    SOLD: SoTM sMS-200 Neo network server + SoTM sPS-500

    I am selling my SoTM sMS-200 Neo network server with a separate power supply SoTM sPS-500. Roon compatible.
  2. simomat

    SOtM sMS-200 network player SOLD!

    sMS-200 is a new generation of mini network player with built in ‘Media Player Board’ developed by SOtM. Works with Roon, HQ Player, DLNA, Squeezelite, Airplay, you name it! It doesn't need much presentation 'cause it's a very well known and renowned product. Comes with original box. I can...
  3. S

    SOtM sMS-200 Modded to accept 2 clock inputs

    Up for sale is a modded SoTM sMS-200. It has been modded to accept external clock signals of 24MHz (for USB) and 25MHz (for Ethernet and the mobo) from an external Ultra component. Typically, this would be a tX-USBultra or a dX-USB HD Ultra, that has also been modded to supply these 2 clock...
  4. thebratts

    SOtm SmS-200 Network player with mbPS-d2S battery supply

    Selling my SOtM sMS-200 Mini Network Player including the mbPS-d2s battery power supply. Everything in perfect condition, boxes etc.. Working very well but not used enough to keep (focus on portable sources) I also include a USB cable from lavricables Ultimate Silver Dual USB A-B interconnect...
  5. AmusedToD

    SOLD: SOtM sMS-200

    Up for sale is my one month old sMS-200, bought from an authorised SOtM stockist in the UK. The unit comes with a 2 year warranty (until September 2019). The price is 299 euro + shipping cost + 3% PayPal fees.