1. RixNox

    Xperia's Z2 noise cancellation system & Sony's in ear buds

    The Z2 has been announced and it will be sporting with a proprietary noise cancellation system, when paired with Sony's earbuds. What do you think? Any worth it? Your thoughts?
  2. Trisk3lion

    LOD for PSP Go?

    I am fanatic gamer and music lover on a constant search for the perfect device that combines these two elements. So far my Iphone paired with a good amp have done a great job but i find most of the games lacking for more then on-the-bus-playing. So i have picked up and PSP Go and i like it...
  3. Hyl

    looking for high quality portable DAP

    My old cowon s9 and sony x10 died due to some unfortunate accidents, so i recently bought a colorfly c3. While the soundquality was decent, the UI was so clunky and the popping noise after it changes a track annoyed me so much that i am looking for a new, portable and good sounding DAP with...
  4. cn11

    Sony NWZ-F806 mini review (& F-series player reviews / impressions / discussion)

    I've had the F806 for several days now and thought I'd make a few observations.    Packaging is quite simple, nothing fancy, so I won't really go into any unboxing photos (never much cared about huge photo-documentations for just removing an item from its packaging anyway). Like the X1060...
  5. dan_can

    HELP: How to transfer ATRAC Lossless .oma file to Sony X series player

    I ripped a CD to atrac lossless format (.oma) and tried to use Media Go to transfer it to the device, the files always get encoded to mp3 format. Copying the .oma directly to the device  doesn't work either. How to transfer the lossless format to the device?
  6. olear

    A Sony with a LOD doc?

    Which Sony model has a doc that will accomodate this:   When that Sony is used with the line out cable, does that mean the signal is as clean compared with an iPhone/iPod?
  7. Kenji2

    Galaxy S4 + Bose AE2 trouble

    Hello there   I've been listening to music on my Sony NWZ-X-1060 for about 4-5 years now (almost every day) and it's been the most pleasant auditory experience I've ever had. Unfortunately, the HOLD switch, which I've probably been switching for many thousand times, is broken. Anyways, the...
  8. jakeddong

    From what impedance and on should you get an amp?

    Hi, newbie here. I found that some headphones need an amp to get most of out it cause they have high impedance. Just wondering from what impedance and on would you need an amp?    Also is a Fiio E7 enough to drive a pair of headphones at 300 ohms?   Would it be a waste of money to spend...
  9. phntmsmshr

    thinnest DAP?

    Want to pair off something with a Practical Devices XM5, but would like to keep it as pocket-portable as possible. What are the options for a decent SQ? iPod nano 3rd gen? Fuze? GoGear Ariaz? Something by Samsung? Expandable memory would be ideal. Please no responses with that credit card player...
  10. Artmuzz

    My Sony X1060 has drowned in a cloudburst

    I was out today with my iPod Touch, Sansa Clip and Sony X1060 in my rain jacket pocket. my Sony X1060 is in a sock kind of case. Anyway, when I was out I was caught in a cloudburst of heavy rain. When I got home I checked to see if my mp3 players were okay and they were except for my precious...
  11. JonesyS

    Help me upgrade my portable audio setup!

    I currently have the following equipment which I use to listen to music both at home and while travelling: -iPhone 3GS -Ultimate Ears UE700 -Music: downloaded from iTunes or ripped from cd's. What I want is to have better audio quality. The main complaints I have with my current setup are...
  12. shilent

    Cowon S9, is there something smaller?

    I'm looking for a portable audio player and I'm liking everything I read about the S9.  Is there anything like the S9 but smaller?  I'm mainly looking for sound quality and easy to navigate songs (touchscreen).  I do not need video.  I tried the new Nano and something like that would be nice...
  13. C

    Portable player back to basic

    i thought it will be nice to have a portable dedicated music player like how iPod originally was. No videos, apps, or games, or even wifi, but top sq with LOD, optical and USB DAC out and all digital format supported including 24bit/96hz format. I'd like believe there is a market for it me...
  14. SSJChar

    $200 and $300 to spend on a portable setup, what would you do?

    Hey all.  This is my first post here, and I'm totally new to audio devices and such, though I'm thinking of getting into it.  Right now I'm just looking at options for a portable setup so mp3 player and iems, and amp maybe?  I don't really have much to spend, and was wondering what route you...
  15. matto

    B&O A8

    Okay I know there's lots of threads on these but they're realllly old... So thought I'd create a new one.   I had a listen to these today and was blown away by the clarity... It just sounded so smooth? like everything was right listened to john legend's songs through iphone 4 lossless at the...
  16. adsmithy

    Sennheiser IE8 harsh treble

    Hello,   I've given my IE8s over 100 hours of running in but the treble still seems too harsh.   I'm using a Sony X1060 playing WMA Lossless files.    The headphones sound great at low (to low ish volumes) but anything higher causes the treble to become too harsh.   Has anyone...
  17. yoyo59

    Sony X or Hifiman 602

    well I got the sony x and it has been great but I seen hifiman have released a new player   so the real question is, is it worth the upgrade from my Sony x?     Thanks!     also will the hifiman be able to play Flac?
  18. henree

    Sony X or S series for ?

    Hi guys,   I am interested in either a sony walkman s or x series. The only thing important to me is sound quality. Is there a discernable enough difference sonically between these two?   I have an Imac and an e5 fio & ibasso D4 mamba. Using Audio Technica ath m 50 headphones. I listen...
  19. yliu

    iPod Touch 4G vs Sony Walkman X-Series. Need your advices!

    Which one sounds better? and how much better is it? Because I was planning to but the sony X series, then the new ipod touch came out, and it got so much good reviews.
  20. IDK

    Sony X Series Question?

    1.) How does the sound quality to other players like the: cowon s9 zune 30/80/120gb Nokia 5800 sansa fuze amp3 sansa clip+ cowon iaudio Nokia N91 2.) How would they sound paired with the sennheiser mx w1's....would those earphones cripple the sound quality?
  21. redshifter

    Need line out adapter for Sony S-series Walkman; WM-PORT

    is there a member who makes these? thanks
  22. Gdogg

    IE7s for Sony X1060

    I have been using the NC020 headphones that came supplied with my X1060 for a few months now, and im starting to find them a bit uncomfortable and they Hiss alot. So i'm concidering getting new IEMs.   I found the Sennheiser IE7s for £80 and I'm rather tempted, Is the it worth getting them...
  23. Woozle Wuzzle

    Zune HD vs Sony X

    Hi, Im just debating whether or not to sell my Sony X for a Zune HD. I realize how amazing the SQ of the Sony X is but the Zune is very enticing. I believe the Zune will have a good SQ as well and its more of a all rounder device such as the ipod touch. Thanks
  24. halfpower

    Need Earbuds

    I just got a Cowon J3.  Right now, it sounds similar to in store demo of the Touch and not as good as in store demo of the X-Series.  ...The stock earbuds have to go.  I'm pretty sure that is the problem.  Everything sounds blurry to me.  I'm looking for earbuds in the $30-60 range, and they...
  25. gimmethatbeatfool

    DAP that can drive a 64 ohm or 80 ohm can (sin amp) to their full potential?

    I have a Zune and a Clip +, and I feel that they are a little underpowered when it comes to supplying some of my higher impedance cans with energy. Most noticeable is the lack of bass, even in some of my more bass heavy phones.   Rather than buy a new headphone, I would rather buy a new DAP...