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  3. lbottan

    Sony pha-3 - anybody with recharge problem

    Hi, I got a new Sony pha-3 few weeks ago. It is paired with my Sony zx1, I use audeze lcd-x with balanced moon audio cables or Shure se846 when travelling... Everything is superb! I just can't find a way to recharge the pha-3 with any wall charger. If I connect it to the pc (usb port) the light...
  4. dubstepnext

    Sony NW-ZX1 128 gb vs. iBasso dx90

    I have the ibasso and i'm really satisfied. Value for money'wise - its truly a great bargain. I'm considering purchasing the sony ZX1 but i read it's cpu is kinda weak and will have trouble playing 24bit tracks. I use a Topping NX1 as an external amp so the power is less important. It seems to...
  5. simonhou886

    Hello everyone, im new and i need some suggestions

    Hi,    My gf just bought me a pair of se846 as gift. can anyone suggest me a good music player for it? I am now thinking about AK100II. anyone tried such combination before?
  6. M

    A little confused over Amp/Dac combos.

    I'm a little confused over a purchase I've made and am looking for someone to explain it to me. Bear with me on this, over the years I've owned many different Iems, daps and portable Amps but never a DAC or DAC/amp combo. In the last couple of weeks I've bought a Sony PHA-2 amp/dac. I bought it...
  7. IaHawkeye

    Which DAP pairs best with Roxanne's?

    As the topic suggests, I have a pair of JH Roxanne's that I am currently using in conjunction with a Iphone5...I am a subscriber to Beats audio app and love it (this is similar to lose less music, correct?) and am looking to upgrade my dap to bring out the perfectness of the Roxanne's I'm not a...
  8. jude

    Dr. Chesky's Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc - Head-Fi TV

      NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     In this episode of Head-Fi TV, we take a look at (and some listens to) Dr. Chesky’s Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc, which is a new, all-binaural music and test album, with 59 tracks of music...
  9. Currawong

    DAP-off! Astell&Kern, Sony, HiFiMan, Chord, FiiO, Lotoo, Soundaware, Hiby, Cayin & others

    Round 1: Anakchan kindly lent me some of his gear and I already have a couple of great DAPs on hand, so I thought I'd do an ongoing shoot-out between them. Anakchan lent me: HiFiMAN HM-901 with balanced card. Sony ZX-1. Getting music on to this will be interesting, but I'll figure it...
  10. SongJiHyo

    SONY WALKMAN NW-ZX1 vs Basso DX50

    Hi everyone!   Just curious whether SONY WALKMAN NW-ZX1 and Bassao DX50.... are they comparable in terms of sound quality?    Which one should I get???? 
  11. D3Seeker

    A Plea Form A Hybrid

     This Head-fier is sad   My faith here is dwindling....   And maybe I'm just hanging around the wrong parts of the forum, but I know I am not he only techie AND sound enthusiast/admirer/hopeful here.   Our goal and projected duty here, is to achieve the best possible audio experience where...
  12. Mython

    Discussion of a niche 'PURE-Transport' DAP (to serve digital streams to a seperate DAC-Amp)

    As per title, there has been some discussion, recently (e.g. in the AK240 and Chord Hugo threads) that a niche exists, which has yet to be filled, for a 'DAP' that omits any DAC or Amp within it's casework, but which would serve purely as a *portable* (the slimmer the better) transport for a...
  13. Oradden

    What Mp3 Is right for me?

    First I know this is the wrong place to post I'm sure, and also there is over 2million threads on this. Sorry this is the most efficient way of doing this for me at the moment.    I have just purchased Sony MDR-XB400's in Lime green. They were recommended to me after a long while of searching...
  14. Ev0lution

    Are these "High End" Daps worth it? How big is the Jump?

    Hi everyone, i just got a new pair of IEM's the Heir 5.0... even though i own them now for some time, i'm still blown away everytime i put 'em back in... Right now i'm feeding those puppies from an 5.5g DIY Mod and powering them with my E17 wich is quite statisfying to my ear, i've already...


    Sony's 'ON FIRE'... wireless walkmans with Surround Sound.   As if the new  yet to be released ZX1 & F886 walkman were not enough.   WH505 -16 GB WH303 - 4 GB   More info here...
  16. reginalb

    Measuring output voltage of the Sony ZX1

    So, I'm having some issues. I want to measure the output voltage of the ZX1 so that I can get its output impedance. Problem is, I can't get my old (admittedly cheapo) multimeter, or the new fancy one that I got when I was having trouble, to measure any output voltage at all from the Sony.   ...
  17. reginalb

    Sony NW-ZX1 Review

    Methodology       As indicated in the subject like, this is going to be a review of the Sony NW-ZX1. I'll be conducting this review by A-Bing a series of songs, using a Sescom SES-IPOD-AB A/B switch. This allows me to plugin in two devices at once in to separate inputs, and a headphone in to...
  18. eke2k6

    [Multi-Review] Hifiman HM901, Fiio X5, Sony ZX1, Hisound Studio 3rd Anv, iPhone 4

    Foreword         I've personally wanted to see something like this for a long time now. As a techie, I've long been intrigued by the idea of these top of the line DAPs. They bring with them the promise of high level engineering that will make the most out of your files and headphones. I've...
  19. Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX1 128GB MP3 Player Hi-Res

    Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX1 128GB MP3 Player Hi-Res

    ※This product is comes with 1 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty (valid in Japan). ※The Manual is Japanese ONLY.  If you don't speak or read Japanese, please refrain from purchasing this item.  ■ headphones non- included . Fluent in the high-res sound headphones Sony recommended .   (Recommended...