sony ta-zh1es
  1. Jacob ISR

    (FS or FT) - Sony TA-ZH1ES

    Hi to all. Selling my beloved system... They are in perfect condition, have both the original boxes. Can sell them separately. Sony MDR-Z1R - SOLD TA-ZH1ES = 1300$ Paypal and shipment on ME. Can accept bank transfer. Open for trade options. THX
  2. AmusedToD

    Sony TA-ZH1ES

    Selling my perfect condition Sony Signature series TA-ZH1ES. I took delivery of the unit around New Year, bought it from a respected HiFi dealer in France. It is under warranty and in original packaging. It comes with 2 power cables (EU and UK). The unit will be shipped from Zagreb, Croatia, so...
  3. Camelogue

    Sony TA-ZH1ES and Pioneer SE Master 1 on Sale

    Sony TAZH1ES £ 750.00. SOLD Pioneer SE Master 1 £ 800.00 Mint Conditions. Original Boxes were lost during the Move. Location: London. NW1 0SG Pioneer SE Master 1 includes the Balanced Cable JCA-XLR 30 M.
  4. AmusedToD

    WTB: Sony TA-ZH1ES

    I would like to buy a used Sony TA-ZH1ES headphone amp/DAC from a European seller. Prepared to pay up to 999€ (depending on age and condition of the device), which includes any fees and shipping within EU.
  5. J

    Audiophile newbie needs your help

    Hi guys, I am currently using my Sennheiser HD800 with the Sony PHA-3 through single-ended connection (unbalanced). As much as I am happy with my current sound, I know the HD800 has not reach its full potential yet. Therefore I am planning to get a new Amp/DAC and currently looking at either...
  6. DrSeven

    500€ - 2000€ Amp or Dac/Amp combo recommendations

    I currently have an Aune S16 and Colorfly C4. Ordered the Sony TA-ZH1ES but tbh I cant notice much difference to the S16. Going to do some more blind testing later but I think its waaaaay overpriced and not worth keeping. So I'm looking to some of these to either add as an amp to the S16...
  7. banco-sg

    Need advice on DAC/AMP combo

    Hi, First time posting here, but i have been a frequent visitor from time to time. I recently upgraded my headphone to MDR-Z1R (from DT880 pro), but it left me wondering whether i should upgrade my DAC/AMP or not. I am currently using Asus Xonar Essence STX (with op-amps upgraded to Burson...