1. Emerican

    Sony Piiq?

    these look a lot like skullcandy, and im having nagging doubts in my head, but then again, its from sony. im looking at the Giiq ($50) and the Marqii ($99). i need to know if its worth paying double for the Marqii, although ive heard the sound from the Giiq isnt all that impressive. im going to...
  2. Sony PIIQ Premium Over-the-Ear Headphones (MDR-PQ1) - Pink

    Sony PIIQ Premium Over-the-Ear Headphones (MDR-PQ1) - Pink

    The new Sony MDR-PQ1 Marqii headphones provides a functional style through Sony's renowned sound quality. It has an edgy design, unique materials and colors. Features Driver Unit - 40 mm (CCAW Voice Coil), dome type Frequency Response - 8 - 25,000 Hz Ear Cups - Closed, Dynamic...