1. gkanai

    Sony PHA-1 portable DAC/amp

    Impress Watch (Japan) is reporting that Sony has announced a new portable DAC/Amp for use with Apple iDevices.   Looking at what's reported:   Wolfson WM8740 DAC 24bit/96kHz support 5-10 hrs of battery life depending...
  2. ThePrince425

    Sony PHA-1 Dac/Amp - Mint!

    Hello Headfiers! For sale, is my Sony PHA-1 in absolutely mint condition, with zero scratches/dings/bumps. Sounds fantastic, built like a beast with industrial-ish looks that pairs effortlessly with the iphone. Trying to raise funds for new goodies. Bought only this year in 2013 from Amazon...
  3. noinoi24

    WTB Sony PHA-1

    I've been looking around for a sony PHA-1 and to use with my iPhone 5 and v-moda m-100's. Please let me know if you have one. Sony PHA-2 is coming out soon but can only afford a use PHA-1.
  4. papahommer

    Portable Tube Amp Recommendations

    Hi Guys,    I am just wondering if anybody has any good portable tube amp to recommend? Hopefully, it will come with a DAC for a iPhone5. I am hoping to use it for travelling to the office and in the office.    I have being using a Sony PHA-1, I kind of like it, but the problem is with the...
  5. ikeGT

    C421 (AD8620) vs. Sony PHA-1

    I'm using iPod Classic Gen 5 and more than 95% of the music files are in loseless.    I already have C421 with HE-300 and UE900. I'm thinking to change to PHA-1 but no idea if it's worth or not (as the price of PHA-1 went down to be around 280 USD).    Anyone who tested both of them kindly...
  6. AliceC

    Recommendation - on Portable Headphone Amps/DAC

    Hi Gurus,   I'm interested to get one of the DAC/Portable Amps to go with my iPhone 5. The problem is I don't have any sample or shops to try in at where I live in.   So, I'm just gonna go and trust your comment on this one.   I've been reading about the CLAS, HP-P1, ADL-X1, Go-Dap X...
  7. F

    Setup sony pha-1

    Hello to you all First sorry for my english .... I bought my self a sony pha-1 and want to no what is the best setup audio in or still digital in and wherry can i find the cables Tnx a new member for Holland
  8. MahthovenWang

    Portable amp for my gear

    Hi guys, I am newbie here and hope you guys don't mind my ignorance here... I currently own an iBasso P4 amp to use with my Beyer T90 and Westone 4R. However, I am looking for an upgrade for my amplification but I am certainly puzzled by the diversity of amps out there in the market...... My...
  9. andydavid

    Sony PHA-1 iDevice DAC and Amplifer (MINT CONDITION)

    I'm selling the Sony PHA-1.  Purchased 2 months ago at B&H in New York for $379.   10/10 on 'operational' and at least a 9/10 on cosmetic--no wear and tear that I can see. Comes with original packaging and everything that came in the box except one of the four silicone straps, which...
  10. Nicolas L

    iPods and External DACs

    Once again, the newbie has a question. Recently, I've been thinking about getting a DAC to pair with my iPod, but I've read all over on Head-Fi that external DACs (e.g. FiiO E07K/E17) will only work as an amp when paired. Is this just a misconception, or do DACs only work with a *specific* range...
  11. shigzeo

    Sony's DSD-capable PHA-2 portable headphone amp/DAC

      Sony have just released information about the continuation of the PHA series. Their new PHA-2 DAC/headphone amp will support DSD at sampling rates of 2,8 and 5,6MHz. It looks to share the same form factor, but sports a couple of improvements to the design. Yes, you still get the roll cage...
  12. SoulSyde

    Could Bluetooth mark the end of the LOD?

    I have a provocative question, could the end of the LOD be a Bluetooth portable DAC/Amp?     Of course there would be issues with EMI shielding, R&D and expense costs.  Also, I'm not sure how higher sample rate files would fair but I cannot imagine a better way to seamlessly pair an amp with a...
  13. imorcer

    Sony PHA-1 portable amp

    Bought it a few months back. 2nd owner I guess.   Unit still in very good shape & function great. Selling because I'm not using it much.   Will come with LOD for iPods and USB cable. The cable for Sony DAP is MISSING.   Asking SOLD shipped CONUS.   Any question please let me know.  ...
  14. ZzBOG

    Closed headphones $350+- (amped by PHA-1).

    Hi, I wonder what would be the current recommendation for closed headphones?   I have Q701 and waiting for Sony PHA-1 to arrive. I realized however that I need some isolation. I see Sennheiser Momentums are getting attention, I have HD25-II however, so am curious to explore other sound...
  15. Monsterzero

    HiFiMan 500 + Sony PHA-1...Is that Enough Amp?!?

    Just got back from another demo session and Im still really heavily leaning towards the Sennheiser 600s,but have read several reviews claiming the HE 500 is a better phone when "properly amped." I was using the Sony PHA 1 today for both the 600s and HE 500s and although they both sounded good...
  16. gavinfabl

    Sony PHA-1 Portable Headphone Amp

    I am selling my Sony PHA-1 headphone amp. It is as new practically. Never left my bedroom. Comes with box and most bits as new. I will upload photos asap, but this is a great piece of kit. Does USB from Apple gear, worked with my HTC One as well, and more . PayPal ideal. Check my feedback...
  17. klfl

    FS: Like New Sony PHA-1 DAC/AMP

    For sale is a unit of Sony PHA-1 DAC/AMP. First owner and having for less than one week, item in 100% mint condition and fully functional. The unit comes with full original accesories and box.   Selling because the short 5 hour play time kills its purpose for me.   Paypal only, no...
  18. imoffline

    Portable Amp/DAC for MTPC and MMDT, around $600

      Good day everyone, there is variety of portable amp/dac on market but not all of them can decode iPod. I'm sort of new to amp/DAC, is there any suggested options?    Headphones: Turbine pro Copper, Miles Davis Tribute, HD598, DT990 with 250ohm( I don't think I'm gonna use the last two for...
  19. DrSheep

    Sony PHA-1 Review with F806 Walkman and Sennheiser Momentum

    Ok here is my take on the Sony PHA-1 along with their F806 Walkman and the Sennheiser Momentum, and to be honest, I think some of you may not like it…   Here is a bit of background, the PHA-1 is MSRP at $600, but I paid for mine at $400 from Amazon, and this is my baseline on judging its...
  20. Sony PHA-1 Headphone Amp

    Sony PHA-1 Headphone Amp

    corresponding to the digital connection and iPod / iPhone / iPad Support USB Audio (96kHz/24bit) High sound quality of analog circuit thorough With high quality DAC, op amp, the headphone amplifier Aluminum Case Die-cast zinc damper Gain selector switch Bundled...