1. ThePrince425

    CLAS/RxMK2 or Apex Glacier

    Hello fellow Headfiers, would need some help here. I've been considering a CLAS/RxMK2 combo to go with my iphone 5 but having recently found out that ios7 accepts non-MFI dacs, I am starting to get interested in the Apex Glacier given the slimmer profile. I've briefly demo-ed the Glacier with my...
  2. Matthewwickes

    PHA-1 or C5D?

    Hi everyone   For a while I’ve been using an external Seagate Plus to stream music to my iPad mini. I’ve used a Meridian Explorer DAC with a combination of CCK, USB hub, USB Y cable and external battery to make the whole thing work.   Pleased as I was from a geek point of view getting it all...
  3. vermilions

    What specs should I look out for when buying portable DAC/amp both Mad Dogs and IEMs?

    Hi, I'm trying to decide on a portable DAC/amp combo that will be used with my 2012 Macbook Air (via USB?) and possibly my current HTC One X via USB OTG (or future Android smartphones). I will be using either Mr Speaker's Mad Dogs or IEMs like my Shure SE215. I will occasionally be using this...
  4. vincedea

    Apple vs Android

    Which product works best with external DAC's? what are the pros and cons for each one? From what i have been reading or been told, is that Apple products aren't able to use external DAC/AMP and are stuck with the internal DAC in the iphone, while Android phones are compatible with many different...
  5. ohaider

    Need a bag/pouch to carry Iphone5 + Sony PHA-1 amp/dac

    Hey guys. I did some searching and couldn't really find any recent threads about portable rig bags/pouches.   I need some help looking for one that can clip onto a belt. It needs to be able to fit a IP5 stacked with a Sony PHA1.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. imahawki

    Is there a master list anywhere of iPhone 5 compatible DACs?

    I really feel like Apple kind of screwed up by making extracting digital output from the lightening connector so expensive to license.  I really don't understand what they gain because the money they get from licensees cannot possibly make up for the negative end-consumer experience.   That...
  7. zeiter

    DAC 24/96 or 24/192 for 16/44 source. Any difference ?

    I'm confused between getting a Sony PHA-1 or PHA-2 DAC/Amp for my Ipod Classic. My source obviously is 16/44. Now we have one DAC that can do up to 24/96 ( way more than my source ) and the other up to 24/192. I'm not interested in DSD, or  upsampling at all. Now , all things being equal, would...
  8. imorcer

    WTB: Sony PHA-1 Amp

    Interested in this amp. Please let me know if you wanna sell. Thanks! : )
  9. TheTempest7

    Portable Amp/Dac for Xperia Z?

    I need a portable amp/dac similar to the Fiio E11 so it can drive my Ultrasone Pro 900's. I wanna truely hear some of that powerful almost over the top bass everyone who reviews the Ultrasone Pro 900's go on about. Will the Pha-1 be enough for this? I will be using my Xperia Z. Is the Pha-1...
  10. MoonAudio

    Sony PHA-1 Portable USB Headphone Amplifier - $499.00 USD - Free Shipping in the U.S.

      ~NEW~   Sony PHA-1 Portable USB Headphone Amplifier  $499.00 USD   Free Shipping in the U.S.     Sony PHA-1 Portable USB Headphone Amplifier     Sony PHA-1 Portable USB Headphone Amplifier     Sony PHA-1 Portable USB Headphone Amplifier     ~NEW~...
  11. czqdtc

    SONY PHA-1

    Great condition, comes with original box and all accessories.
  12. czqdtc

    Sony pha-1

    Great condition, comes with original box and all accessories. Price including domestic shipping.
  13. merc132

    Sony PHA-1 Portable DAC & Amp 2 days old ~ LIKE NEW

    Up for sale is Sony PHA-1 Portable DAC & Amp. Used it less than 4 hours and decided that I don't need a portable amp. Perfect condition LIKE BRAND NEW, no scratches etc and comes with original box and accessories. Price is FIRM, shipping will be $27. Paypal via gift or pls add 4.2% to cover...
  14. rc10mike

    Sony PHA-1

    Selling my Mint Sony PHA-1. A new baby and lack of time to use it are my reasons for selling. I purchased it while I was in Japan a few months ago. Probably has less than 4 hours run time. Includes everything like a new unit. I only accept Paypal.   Im new to selling here at headfi but you...
  15. Azsamael

    Which one to get? Fostex HP-P1 vs Sony PHA-1

    Anyone have these two DAC/Amps?   I am deciding between the two and was wondering how they compare. Every where I looked no one seemed to have a direct comparison between the two.   I use a Fiio E7 now.     Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  16. IceClass

    Sony PHA-1 VS Fostex HP-P1

    Has anyone actually owned both of these all-in-one DAC/amp solutions simultaneously and who'd venture some impressions?
  17. RIQUE

    Xperia Z to PHA-1 cable use

    Hey folks, I just dished some serious dough for an Xperia Z and a PHA-1. I need to buy connecting cable but have some doubts. The out on the Z is Micro B USB. The one in the PHA-1 is the same.  Can I use a Micr B to Micro B male to male cable as pictured. I get confused about the A to B and B...
  18. alphabeatsco

    Sony pha-1 dac

    I'm contemplating of getting the pha-1 or centrance hifi m8. the m8 supports 24/192 vs Sony only 24/96. My source is flac ripped from cd. First I thought iTunes doesn't support 24bit, so does that mean it won't ever reach 24bit anyways. Also isn't CDs mastered at 16bit? what's the point of...
  19. kh156

    *MINT* Sony PHA-1 Portable DAC/AMP

    I'm selling my Sony PHA-1 portable DAC/AMP. This works perfectly with Apple devices as well as your PCs. It was purchased from Japan on December 2012 and has been barely used since then. I'll say it's 100/100 in terms of condition, with all accessaries/boxes included.   Will ship from NC...
  20. kh156

    [Update/Price Drop] FS/FT: FitEar To Go 334 + Heir 4.Ai + Sony EX1000 + Sony PHA-1

    Hey, I'm clearing out some of my portable gears. These headphones/amps are all in mint conditions and basically only opened for testing. I kept all the packages/boxes/accessaries just to keep the items exactly the same condition as they came to me.   Things I am selling: 1. Heir Audio...
  21. snapple10

    FS/WTT: WA6SE with Sophia Princess within US only

    WA6SE- with Step Attenuator cost -have had it for about two years now- previous owner had it for about 18 months. Conus only due to size Thanks for looking options to add: 1-m DC P/S cord Plexi-Glass Covers If I only have room for this great amp
  22. junekai

    Rookie need help. Just sell my PHA-1 and need a new AMP for my ESW11 and W3000anv.

    Really rookie on hi-fi.  What I am using is my PC, IPod Classic. I was used pha-1 as a DAC and AMP. MY headphone are MG7, ESW11 and W3000anv.  Pha-1 is not bad, but I want something better. So I sold it and wanna a AMP or DAC with AMP. My budget is 400AUD(I am living in AUSTRALIA).  I have...
  23. Ditti

    Sony PHA-1 Review and Impressions

    I received my PHA-1 shortly after the launch date in Japan.  My Japanese buddy was kind enough to FedEx it to me. There is another thread whoch discusses the PHA-1 but I have not actually seen an impression on the actual product over there as yet.  It is ineveitable that this product is going to...
  24. Alias Gu

    It seems Ipod Classic really can't handle my EX1000.

    Hi all It seems my Ipod Classic really can't handle my EX1000.  I heard about PHA-1 and HP-P1 can supply my Ipod Classic with much more power. Which one will be better?   Thanks
  25. headwhacker

    Sony PHA-1

    I am looking to sell my Sony PHA-1 I bought 2 months ago which goes unused these days since I bought a hifi-M8 a week after buying the PHA-1.   It's like brand new.