1. Synchronised

    Looking for a portable music player

    Looking for a portable music player that has very good sound quality. My headphones will most likely be V-moda. I currently have an iPod classic but I absolutely hate the way it works, I have to add music through iTunes, then half the music don't work because of the format etc... so stupid...
  2. Strages

    Which Cheap Portable Music Player is Best

    Hi, I'm new on Head-fi, but I'm looking for the best-quality portable music player for under $400. I've heard the Sansa Clip+, or Cowon V5 is good, but I'm open to suggestions. I have a sony mdr-zx600 set of headphones, but wouldn't mind getting better ones (if my headphones are the bottleneck)...
  3. newguy2012

    any tips for closed back, really good quality portable headphones and portable amp/DAC combo?

    hey guys,    Anyone recommend any particular closed-back cans for taking places and preferably with a decent case so I can store in my school bag and not ruin them. Probably willing to spend approximately 300 USD, but could slide a bit either way.    I'm one who mostly listens to rock...
  4. Artmuzz

    iPod Nano 7G opinions

    Personally I am very disappointed with this new design on the Nano 7G. I really liked the small design of the Nano 6G and it was great to wear as a wristwatch/DAP for cycling and walking. I was really hoping that Apple would of done an upgrade based on the Nano 6G design but unfortunately they...
  5. olear

    Sony E465: best bang for the buck? (Aside from Clip)

    I was looking into this model which has 16GB, 50 hours battery life and only $100. For those not needing Android or an external speaker, is this not the best deal?  Great Sony sound, excellent battery life and price. 

    Portable Amp for Alessandro MS-1's & Sony Walkman

    Will adding a FiiO E17 or simular amp/dac to a Sony Walkman NWZ-E465 make it sound better or just louder? I currently use a pair of either Alessandro MS-1's or SHURE se-215's for all sorts of music from Jazz to Rock. 
  7. Sony NWZE465BLK Walkman MP3 player

    Sony NWZE465BLK Walkman MP3 player

    The Sony E-Series Walkman MP3 Player delivers up to 50 hours of music -with video and photo playback plus FM radio just to sweeten the deal. With delicious colors, Windows drag and drop functionality and digitally restorative Sony Clear Audio Technologies, the E-Series is bling to the ears and eyes.