1. MLodyX

    Is nuforce ne-6 and sony nwz s638f a good choice?

    Hi I have got a sony nwz s638f player and I'm looking for in-ear headphones for him. I have arround 60 - 70$. I'm listening rock, punkrock, jazz and acustic music, but I also like good quality bass. I heard positive opinions on nuforce ne-6 but someone said thair sound bad with my player, can...
  2. MaxManUtd

    Sony NWZ-A826 vs NWZ-S638F

    Hi, I want to buy one of this players, but I have few questions: If sound quality is the same In S638F as in A826? I know that S638F has smaller LCD and FM tune I can buy A826 (4GB) or S638F (8GB) in the same price, so I dont know if there is any difference in sound quality between this 2...
  3. Sony NWZ S638F (8GB)

    Sony NWZ S638F (8GB)

    8GB (2,000 songs, 30h video) premium WALKMAN® mp3/mp4 player with 2" LCD screen. With superior sound quality, SensMe™ automatic playlist generator, FM radio and 40 hours battery life. This premium video mp3 player is the perfect blend of style and function.