1. dimmockg

    Quick question - will sony nwz f886 purchased from amazon uk have a volume cap / restriction

    as per title really after clarification on this please
  2. zach915m

    Sony F Series VS E Series Sound quality and components (DAC)

    I'm wondering how much of a sound quality upgrade the F Series is VS the E series Walkman player.  I have the E series and the sound quality is great via an LOD but I'm wondering if the F series has a much better DAC.  I know the new F series can play FLAC files.  Has anyone had experience with...
  3. woodfiend

    Source advice

       Hi there!   New guy here.   Long time audio and video participant but new to quality headphone listening.   I have had numerous regular and gaming headphones over the years but I am just starting my foray into better quality head-fi gear.  I made the timid step and bought sennheiser 429's for...
  4. hal55

    Sony NWZ-E438F OR NWZ-S344??

    I have the opportunity to purchase the above players at about the same price. I can't make out from the limited reviews whether there is a SQ difference between them or not. I'm not worried about features much, just good SQ with minimal or no tweaking. If someone can point me in the direction of...
  5. Sony NWZ E-438F

    Sony NWZ E-438F

    8GB (2,000 songs, 30h video) WALKMAN® mp3/mp4 player with bright 2" LCD screen. With high sound quality, FM radio and 45 hours battery life. So wafer thin and lightweight, you’ll barely notice you’re carrying it.