1. dfkt

    Samsung YP-R0 RMAA Tests

    All in all, the R0 is a player that measures well enough. It has its share of small flaws, but it's way better than the Sony A845 or certain "audiophile" players that shall remain unnamed. Here are the full results: RMAA Samsung YP-R0 Loads RMAA 16 Ohm dynamic driver comparisons RMAA 32...
  2. indy1314

    sony a845 or cowon s9 for ultrasone dj1 pro?

    i would like to get a mp3 player for my dj1 pro. is the a845 or cowon s9 better for hip-hop / rap, more bassy mp3 player. Or any other mp3 player are better? It is iphone or any apple product wouldn't drive the dj1 pro?
  3. uhhuhh

    Sony NWZ-A845 EQ Settings?

    Hi there!   I've been reading and visiting the Head-Fi forums for ages now, but I decided that it was time for me to finally join the forums! :)   So, I just got the Sony NWZ-A845 Walkman and I would like to ask you if you could recommend EQ, VPT, DSEE, Clear Stereo and Dynamic...
  4. walkmanforever

    IEM's that compliment the Sony walkman NWZ A845+ ATH M50?

    I'm currently listening to the A845 paired with the ATH M50. I'm looking for an IEM a step up in the SQ than the M50's. Broad soundstage, similar signature as the M50's or a bit warmer. I was thinking about the IE8 and the Panasonic HJE-900. My budget will be around 350-400$. Any suggestion...
  5. LizardKing1

    Sony NWZ-A845 16GB w/ box, original material and receipt

    This player was bought on 16 Sep 2010 so it's a little under 2 years ago. It's in good condition and it comes with everything that was included: IEMs with noise cancelling (I think it's a single BA because of the shape, but I can't be sure) Sony USB cable 3-5mm-to-line-in so you can listen...
  6. julianbell92

    Sony NWZ-A845 16GB MP3 Walkman in the UK Boxed with LOD cable

    Selling this as I now have an iPod Classic and Android Phone   It's in good cosmetic condition. There is only one small scratch on the screen (pictured) as I discovered it had a factory fitted screen protector about a month ago! There is a ~3mm chip to the front glass on the top left corner...
  7. goody

    Sony NWZ A 845 16GB

    Has anyone got this player would like to buy one. Thanks
  8. Stylis10

    Do I need an amp to fix this problem? Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 + KOSS PRODJ100

    I have just got a pair of KOSS DJPRO100 headphones. My current MP3 player is the "Sony Walkman NWZ-A845". The sound coming from these headphones when connected to this music source just does not sound right! It really sounds weird. I know the Sony headphones that the player came with have a 4...
  9. honfoglalo

    Download Sony pre-loaded music (on mp3 players) somehow?

    I will listen to Sony A845 on Monday with my own earphones (M2) but could I listen the same songs on my Clip+?  I think on the Sony will find the pre-loaded music, can I get them somehow?
  10. honfoglalo

    After Fuze a Sony A845 for 160USD?

    My Sansa Fuze has broken, and now I am using a Clip+ (from my mother) with a Brainwavz M2 earphone.   In my country now I can buy a Sony A845 (16Gb) player for less than 160USD (Everything is more expensive here unfortunately than e.g. in the US). I could buy a Fuze for 90USD from the ebay...
  11. LizardKing1

    Using an amp with a DAP - will it change the Freq. response?

    Now now, bros, don't flame me please. I know this has probably been answered, but Ireally couldn't search it this time - and I am an avid user of our forum's search funtion.   My story is this: I own a Sony NWZ-A845 player, and it's quite nice. Soundstage isn't that great, instrument...
  12. walkmanforever

    Driving the Audio Technica ATH M50 with the A845 w/o an amp?

    Wanted to know whether the A845 can drive full sized cans or not. I'm interested in the Audio Technica ATH-M50 and i've heard some good reviews about it. They pair well with most of the mp3 players and are easily driven. Would amping it do any better? I've seen in some forums that the A845 has a...
  13. ok1907

    Recommend me some earphones paired with my sony s845 please!

    Hi. I want to find a good synergy with my a845 and some new earphones. I will mostly listen to metal-rock-r&b. I like bass but I have some headphones having extreme bass. So, neutral earphones would be ideal for me. My limit is $150. Thanks in advance.
  14. tempor

    headphones or iems for Sansa Fuze and Sony NW-A800?

    Hi guys, the Sansa Fuze and Sony NW-A800 are my first two mp3 players. I love em, but want to get some good headphones or IEMs because I will be out and about and traveling a lot (often on planes).   I posted this in the Headphones forum and was told to post here instead, which was a big...
  15. paulypaul

    Sony Walkman NWZ A845 , A847 Service Menu access.

    Found this when i was browsing online at avforums. Could be useful for those with A845 and probably those with A847. Id be interested to know if DAC settings can be adjusted in this menu and also if this code will work on the S545 or S544.  
  16. kuskus

    Headphones suitable for Sony A845 with sound limiter.

    Hi everyone, first post here. I could do with some help. Im one of the many who bought the Sony A845 in europe to find the volume to low due to EU imposed sound limiter. I understand that sony are not interested in a firmware upgrade to remedy the situation and so im stuck with it.   Im...
  17. Nestroit

    Westone 2 Bass Boost Experiences

    well, in the first week I've thought that Clear Bass+1 on my Sony NWZ A845 is all I can add...   but I was wrong, currently I am using Clear Bass+2 and in my opinion the W2 can handle that...   it's like the W2 runs without EQ on 75% Power.   it's not a technical issue with Clear...
  18. 123eddie123

    sony NWZ-A845 volume restriction

    bit of a newbie here.   is it possible to use a portable amp to get around the volume restriction on the sony nwz-a845 and is it also possible to use an lod?   thanks....eddie
  19. Sony NWZ A845

    Sony NWZ A845

    The new A845 is part of a larger NW-A840 series, which initially had a Japan-only debut in late 2009 and has been available there in black and brown and up to 64GB. Unfortunately, it seems that Sony Europe is going to offer only the 16GB model in black, which is odd because I thought they would...