1. howl

    Cowon D2 vs Sony A818

    Hey guys Help me choose between these 2 players. I have heard that this sony player has fantastic audio quality and I've also heard the same for the D2. My headphones are SR-60 and ER4p. I'm leaning towards Sony because the touch interface doesn't look all that appealing on the D2. thanks guys...
  2. Woody469

    FS Sony NWZ-A818 8GB +xtras Like New (SOLD)

    Immaculate always kept in official Sony case. Comes with 3 brand new "Sony" cases (Never Opened___one of them leather). Absolutely mint. Original Packaging and accessories. Asking $125.00 If interested ask for pictures.
  3. Bonobo

    Sony NWZ-A818

    For sale: my Sony mp3 player. It's an NWZ-A818 in very good /like new condition, with 8GB storage capacity.     price is 90 Euro
  4. ostewart

    Pictures Of Your Portable Rig (part XV)

    Portable Rigs   i thought i would start a new one as the old one already has 214 pages.   get posting your portable rigs guys!   starting with mine, im very happy with it at the moment  
  5. A

    iPod Touch sound quality

    My girlfriend got an iPod Touch a few days ago, amazing device, but as I was very curious about the sound, I compared it to my Sony A818, and I was surprised that the sound of the iPod is not that different from the Sony. The Sony a little warmer and less digital in sound, but the difference is...
  6. Sony NWZ-A818 8GB

    Sony NWZ-A818 8GB

    Incredibly versatile Windows Media compatible 8GB Walkman. Easily drag and drop most popular music formats, video downloads and photos