1. Hawgman1266

    SonicStage Replacement

    I have a Sony Walkman NW-HD5 and just love the old thing.  It has 20G storage, great sound, a replaceable battery, and is damn near bulletproof.  I have had it for about 10 years and do not want to replace it. My issue is (and always has been) SonicStage.  I would like to use something like...
  2. Fungus

    Sony NW-HD5 WALKMAN 20GB (silver)

    In excellent condition, has screen protector applied since first day of use.  Previously used with my portable amp so velcro is attached on the back.  One of the few DAP to have true line out Battery is still going strong, over 10hrs  Includes leather flip case  Will post pics later ...
  3. chatoyer

    HD-5 and MZ-RH1 on a Mac?

    Hi everyone,   Once and for all (after a reasonably long search across the internets), is there anyway I can use my Sony HD-5 and MZ-RH1 with my Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard?  Large library on iTunes, with most tracks as mp3s.   If not, I guess I'll just have to sell them.   -...
  4. DeeLuxx

    Is the Sony NW-HD5 any good even though its so old?

    Hi to all!!   finally decided after a very long time of lurking that i should probably join the forum haha... anyway,   an opportunity came up for me to buy a used (but great condition) hd5 for around $80 and i'm really keen to get one because of the line out mainly and the changable...
  5. basman

    Sony NW-HD5

    I'm looking for Sony NW-HD5 in good condition. Please shoot me a PM if you have one for disposal.   Please send pics for faster transaction.
  6. Mysterious

    Sony NW-HD5 any good ?

    Just found my brother's old Sony NW-HD5 walkman player. It looks sweet and works like a charm. Was just wondering is it a good portable music player that can deliver good sound output    Thank you
  7. sniperdude

    Sennheiser HD 5xx range headband design change to solve cracking

    Hi Guys,     My 595's are going back to Sens again to get the headband replaced yet again but today I was told something new that the headband has been redesigned to stop this cracking   I also asked if it has been redesigned how come the 598s are still effected? as they would...
  8. Ketut

    Former owner of Sony NW HD5: what do you replace it with...?

    I'm still using my Sony NW HD5. It's on its last breath, though, so in as much as I love it, I'm prepared to replace it with something at least as good. So, former HD5 owners and lovers, what portable player do you replace it with? Thanks for sharing....
  9. suburbanite

    Sennheiser HD 5X8-Series Shorter Cables Available Soon

    Of all places, I was looking here and a Sennheiser rep said... well, see the link.   IMO Sennheiser should've offered this right from the beginning given that the HD 5x8 series comes with a twist-and-pull detachable cable.   A 4' cable with a 3.5mm jack is something Bose got right with...
  10. redkop

    Best sounding "old model" mp3 player

    I am wondering what "old" model mp3 player people would recommend for SQ. I am looking at Iriver H340 but would like any input from you guys. Don't care what it looks like or even amount of storage,just want good SQ mp3 player that can be got secondhand. Many Thanks
  11. RAFA

    The Unnecessary Impressions Thread: Cowon iAudio X5L

    What is this about?   Just for fun I thought it would be nice to review stuff, that no one will ever buy again. I would like to make it ongoing. I wanted to make this earlier, but was to lazy to do so...     1. Sharp MD-MT831H(GL) 2. Sony NW-HD5 3. Cowon iAudio 7 4. Cowon iAudio X5L  ...
  12. Sony NW-HD5

    Sony NW-HD5

    Sony's next model, the NW-HD5, was an updated design from the HD1 / HD3, and boasted a simpler control system, a user-removable lithium-ion battery, better file format compatibility, a unique "Follow Turn Display" that would automatically align itself based on how the player was held on startup...