1. Duncan

    MDR-E484 --> E888... Is MDR-E747 Fontopias missing link?

    We've all heard how good Sony MDR-E888s are, with their sumptuous mids, sweet treble, and smooth bass... We've also heard that the older MDR-E484s beat the E888s in the sound department, sounding sweeter and more pronounced, but - there was no champion between the two? Enter in my 8 year old...
  2. Flasken

    On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being worst and 10 being best...

    ... Where would you place 5??? No, really... What headphones do you own, and where would you place those on a scale from 1 to 10?
  3. bong

    headphones and spiky hair

    hello again. i dunno how many people on the board have spiky hair, but i do and it makes wearing headphones very difficult (for my hair, that is! ) i mainly use headphones s double duty as earmuffs in the cold NYC winter. any other season i use my E888s or my EX70s. but anyway, i hate how...
  4. Chirag Soni

    Broken Earphones - Can I fix them? (Sony MDR-EX70)

    Hey, I currently have some Sony MDR-EX70 earphones (black). The left earphone has been damaged, where the inside wire (mostly copper i think) has been exposed and kind of torn so that where the wire goes into the earphone, there is only white wire. The copper wire has been cut off, so it is...
  5. Sony Nude EX (MDR EX-70SL)

    Sony Nude EX (MDR EX-70SL)

    Among the first canalphones developed.