1. Couch Potato

    FS: Dark Blue Sony NE20

    Hello, what i have for sale today is a fully boxed Blue Sony NE-20   i bought it back in 2006 in London and havnt used it at all, the condition of the Sony NE-20 pretty much reflects that. There are 0 Scratches on the player and 0 Scratches on the remote and pretty much everything. it...
  2. Couch Potato

    Wanted Sony Walkman NE20

    looking for a cd player walkman sony d-ne20 pm me if u have one for sale;)
  3. rh495140704

    WTB Sony Discman NE20

    Hi there, I want to buy a Sony Discman NE20. Please PM me if you want to sell yours. Thank you very much. 
  4. Sony NE20 Walkman CD

    Sony NE20 Walkman CD

    I suppose it's the last generation of CD walkman player.