1. mcheadle

    Sony MZ-R37 Mini Disc Recorder + 5 74minute discs

    Greetings,   There are a few minor scratches on the top of the machine, but other than that it is in fine shape.  Has been in a box for a few years but just popped in a fresh set of batteries and sounds as glorious as the day it was born. Also included are 5 74 minute discs.  Let me know if...
  2. JennaFF

    Sony Minidisc MZ-R37 - Remote

    Hey, I bought one of these, but it isnt coming with a remote. I would prefer to use one of the newer ones, but will I be able to use any of them? Is there a list somewhere of all the remotes and the compatability? I tried to search, but I couldn't find it.  ...
  3. Sony MZ-R37 Portable Minidisc Player/Recorder

    Sony MZ-R37 Portable Minidisc Player/Recorder

    40 sec. shock resistant memory, smart remote control w/editing functions, high quality recording w/AGC, Digital Mega Bass sound system w/3 position switch. Automatic volume limiter system (AVLS), sample rate converter, digital synchro recording. Inc: rechargable battery