1. durden

    New on ear headphones

    Hey guys. I'm looking at moving into the on ear realm of headphones. All through college, I was into IEM's and got excellent recommendations from you all as to what set would best suit my taste. So I'm looking at something around $50 US, on Amazon (as I have gift cards to spend). I listen to...
  2. HiFiGuy528

    NEW! Gorgeous Sony MDR-V55 in White unboxing video & initial impressions

    Just got my first white headphones. These are said to sound very good according to reviews. Your thoughts on the looks?
  3. Julianese

    (Completely Opposite) Complementary Cans for HD 598?

    I really do mean complete opposite. Firstly, they need to be really cheap, around $50. The genres that the HD 598s are good at are things like alternative, classical, jazz, I want these to be good with metal. Heavy metal. And dubstep. The HD 598s are used for relaxing, mellowing down on a...
  4. Sony MDRZX500 Extra Bass Stereo Headphones

    Sony MDRZX500 Extra Bass Stereo Headphones

    40mm driver units and neodymium magnet, reproduce vocal and instrumental sound with vivid clarity. Pressure-relieving urethane-cushioned ear pads for a comfortable fit. Closed gold plated plug.