1. Jtom94

    Best Alternatives to the Sony MDRE828LP/SLV (Non - In Ear)

    I love these Sony MDRE828LP/SLV because they were relatively cheap ($10) and they sounded really good. I usually bought them at Target or OfficeMax but lately I couldn't find and I learned they were discontinued by Sony.   I bought the Sony Earbuds Headphones (MDRE9LP) - Black instead as a...
  2. Icenine2

    I need help! I need a good IEP for my ten-year-old and his iTouch.

    I'm hoping for a good recommendation for my ten-year-old.  He's using his iTouch but not the Apple phones because they don't fit him.  So he's been using his old Nintendo DS Guitar Hero phones!!  I need to get him something decent without spending a lot because at this age they do misplace...
  3. SONY MDRE828LP/SLV Lightweight Earbuds (Silver)

    SONY MDRE828LP/SLV Lightweight Earbuds (Silver)

    New Design Housing --- is sleek black and silver metallic for a new hi-tech look. Fontopia® Ear-Bud Headphones --- fit snugly yet comfortably in the ear and eliminate the usual headband, so you can enjoy music while exercising, skating or dancing. High Quality 16mm Driver Units --- provide...