1. apex209

    NEED help picking out headphones

     here are the choices ive come down to ( if you know if any different ones pls throw it out there). by the way my music preference is rap with decent amount of bass at least although i dig all types of music. notice these are in the same price range.     Sennheiser HD 518   OR    ...
  2. astroid

    canford level limited headphones - help

    I just got a great deal on some new Sony MDR-7506, however they are a custom canford BBC 88dba version. Can anyone tell me how/if the sound will be different to stock ones? Will they be much quieter? Mp3 player ok? Does the limiter degrade the sound (seems a lot of pros use limiters). These...
  3. BigCabDaddy

    Why so little mention of the SOL Tracks HD?

    As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm the proud new owner of AT ESW9 headphones. But at Christmas I'd gotten my oldest daughter a pair of SOL Tracks HD before starting this journey back into audiophilia. Just now was the first time we had the occasion to A/B compare the two. For good measure, we...
  4. cmdrdredd

    Need help selecting portable headphones with a budget of around $400 US

    Hi all, long time lurker and first time poster. I've been researching headphones for portable use lately. I've decided that I simply need help.    I listen to a lot of hard rock, metal, classic rock, & some dubstep. Normally this is from a Samsung Galaxy S3 modded with AC!D audio engine...
  5. JR999

    Cheaper Headphones Suggestions

    Hi all, I am new to the forums and come to seek some info before buying a nicer pair of headphones.   I'm looking for a bang for your buck over the ear closed back headphones. Ideally something under $150 even under $100 that has great sound quality and are comfortable   I'd be using...
  6. reddiger

    Help me narrow and critique my selections for personal headgear audio please.

    I am completely new to quality personal audio equipment and after a bit of searching and impromptu research, I have narrowed my choices. First off, the use will be for personal home audio use in a fairly noise environment while listening to music, movies, and occasional video games without the...
  7. sbrennt

    Best Multi-purpose headphone under $200

    Hey everyone, new to this forum (actually new to forums all together, this is my first post in any forum)  so excuse any of my ultra-noob behavior.     Ok so I have been looking all over the internet for a pair of headphones. My last pair of Fake Chinese MDR-7509's were sat on by a very...
  8. Kujo

    Help me choose from these 4 headphones

    I am a first time headphone buyer and I've been doing a lot of research. I'm looking for a neutral pair of headphones and I prefer mids and highs over bass because I listen to mostly rock, ska, metal, alt, etc. I've narrowed it down to these four in my price range,   Sony MDR 7506 - I'm...
  9. SunJ

    Which cans?

    Hi my former can aiaiai Tma-1 head band has snaped but still holds, now I am planning for a replacement, I am looking for some thing more open for acoustics & classical & some pop, my current interest are in such order Sony MDR-7506, Audio Thecnica ATH-A700x & AKG K240 MKII. I would like to know...
  10. shdl83

    Best Closed Headphones under $150 (preferably on

    Hi, I'm new to headphones and I was looking for a pair that would be good to use with mostly my Macbook Pro and my Samsung Galaxy S3. I've heard a lot of good things about the Sony MDR-7506 and the Audio Technica M50s. I just wondering if any of you guys recommended other options.   I listen...
  11. Rikifi

    Are sony mdr-7506 supposed to be really trebley

    Just got a set of sony mdr-7506 delivered from Appods through Amazon. Everything looks genuine with the packaging, but the headphones sound very trebley and harsh to listen to. Do they have to wear in until the get a bit warmer or are they all like this? Is it usually Ok buying through...
  12. dozens

    $200 +/- headphones recommendations

    I'm a pretty average listener, using primarily my iPhone and laptop for my source most of the time, and sans amp. I've long been using my Grado 80s for home and my Sony MDR-7506 for walk-around cans when I'm not in the mood for IEMs. I'm waiting to jump up to a $200 pair and am looking at the...
  13. Aillas

    Want to get a new portable 'phone—or two. Is the HA-S500 or HA-S400 much of an upgrade over the KSC75?

    As the title says, I wish to get a new 'phone or two for portable use. I'll be using them with my Clip+.   ATM my go-to portable 'phone is the KSC75 (not with the clips—clips don't work for me—with Portapros frames) and, while they sound great, they leak lots of sound which makes them...
  14. levideo

    monitor studio headphone

    I'm a victim of Monitor Studio Headphone website. I 've bought 2 headphones: 1 x Sony MDR-7506 and 1 x Bose OE2i for nearly $180 from this website The price is just a little bit cheaper than the shop, but they are FAKED! I can buy both in ebay for $20,  The Sony one is distorted when you...
  15. mizo

    The "best" Closed headphones with the best sound isolation and comfort under 200$?

    Hello all,   First post here!   I'm more a speaker guy, but I need to isolate myself from outside acoustic disturbances while enjoying great music/sound and comfort!   Background:   I recently bought some Beyerdynamic DT 770. I enjoy them: nice overall sound quality although high mids...
  16. flizzystyle

    Need some advice on first serious(ish) pair of headphones

    Hi. I am a life long music lover in the market for a pair of headphones.  Upon researching many positive reviews, I purchased a monoprice pair of headphones and really like them, but I have been looking for another, more serious pair of closed over the ear headphones that I can listen to at...
  17. TrantaLocked

    Looking for a set similar in sound to the HD 280 Pro but with slightly less deep bass.

    I really like the 280s bought today, though I just wish it had a few decibels less deep bass (the headroom chart shows it has a hump from 20-50Hz).   Any pairs, particularly Sennheiser, out there with a very similar but with slightly less deep bass? Also, anything around $100 or less.
  18. dazza84

    Sennheiser hd 280 pro or sony mdr-7506?

    Hi, I asked a question yesterday regarding the type of headphone I should buy as I just sold my beats by dre solo hd's. I've done a little research today and whittled my selections down to 2 headphones which is in my price range. I just wanted some info on which is the better headphone all...
  19. imnewtothis

    Sony MDR7506 vs Noontec Hammo?

    Which would you recommend most for rap music and bit of alternative/pop (such as Bastille)?  I am able to get both for the same price, and will be using them for listening  to music at home, while lifting, and sometimes to game.
  20. imadroppa

    Best Mixing Headphones for $150 or less

    I mix mainly rap/hiphop, and need a quality pair of headphones that'll give me accurate representstion of sound. Ive been looking st the ATH-M50 and the SHR440, and while both have their pros snd cons, neither one has seemed to be what i'm looking for (one is too bassy, the other too bright) So...
  21. rEEcEj

    Best headphones for listening to music (under £150) ?

    I've owned a pair of Sennheiser HD650s before which I liked very much with some boosting on the EQ around 80-160hz and 9-15khz, though they broke after 2 years and £250 is way too much for me to spend on replacing something I need.   I currently own a pair of Sony MDR-7506's which are the best...
  22. arbiche

    Woodify a Sony Mdr-7506

    Hello guys. let me share my latest project. My friend from Davao , Philippines asked me to modify his Sony mdr-7506.   I crafted a wood cups for it, recabled and sew an angled pleather pads.   Bass now is fuller and tight. It trims the treble in a favorable way.         This is the...
  23. OldSchool969

    Looking for a similar sound to the Sony MDR-7506 but with a little more low end. Preferrably AKG.

    I've been using my set of MDRs for the past 4 or 5 years now but I think it's time to move on. They are primarily used for music production and occasional listening. The neutrality is great for production but they are more of a contrast to my KRK studio monitors so I'm looking for something that...
  24. gustavonandes

    What is the best for vocal training? MDR-V6, Sony MDR-7506, ATH-M35, ATH-M40fs, AKG K121 e Shure SHR440

    I am a singer, and want a headset to train my voice, record and listen too. What is the best use of these to test voice, vocal training, listening, vocal recording Sony MDR-V6, Sony MDR-7506, ATH-M35, ATH-M40fs, AKG K121 and Shure SHR440 .... and which is better in general. Which has the best...
  25. DanthePolishman

    Need help choosing a media player that can power 63 Ohm headphones - $300 and less - At least 32 GB

    Hey Head-Fi,   I'm looking for a quality media player to replace the iPhone 3G. I have the Sony MDR-7506 headphones which are ideal for my monitoring needs, and that I double for music listening. The community so far has been awesome in helping me, and informed me lots. That being said, I'll...