1. Megadeus

    MDR-V4 parts still avail.?

    I have an old pair of Sony MDR-V4 cans with the infamous V6-like deteriorating earpads. Does anyone happen to know what the part number for replacement earpads would be or even if they're still available? I think the pads off an MDR-7502 might fit them too, since the earcups appear similar my...
  2. Oof Oink

    Favorite Over Ear Headphones For Library Setting

    Hello everyone. I'd like your opinion on what you personally think would be the most suitable over ear (not on ear) headphone for use at a library. I've been spending more and more time at the local library, and listening to earphones is not as enjoyable for me. I want a set of headphones that...
  3. Shahab Ahmad K

    No chance of a demo sadly.

      Hi,   I have a Squeezebox Touch and all my music is in FLAC format. I have no way of getting a demo so your opinions, experiences and suggestions are all that I would rely on. Here are the two scenarios:   1. SEVERE fear of flying and that's just about the only time I use my iPod...
  4. sade.duo


    Is there any one have experience on this pair of headphone? I would like to listen to your opinions. Go shares please.Thank you much.
  5. Sambones

    I saw this graph and couldn't stop laughing. Hi-Fi Sony fo' sho'!

    A friend asked me about headphones for his church's music team, so I popped over to headroom's site to check the specs on a few sets and I saw this guy:
  6. mmg_fan

    Looking for closed cans identical to Sony MDR7506 but more portable...

    Hi The Sony MDR7506's are industry standard for the type of work I want to do with them (monitoring audio off video camera on location).   Was just wondering if anyone could recommend something identical in terms or price-quality but a little more portable , ie folding etc.   Any...
  7. brent75

    Need headphone recommends (specific thoughts included)

    I'm in search of a pair of headphones...I've given as much info as possible below...and I'd appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!     •The headphones will be used at my office, and plugged directly into a MacBook Pro. I'll take them on and off quite often...
  8. mbritt

    Dual Purpose Headphones for Video Monitoring and Listening to Music on the Road

      I am writing a book about filmmaking with HDSLR cameras and could use some help from the hive mind here at Head-fi.  The book's target audience is photographer filmmakers who like their toys, I mean tools.  Now that DSLR cameras shoot HD video, a lot of them are working in motion.  In the...
  9. Sony MDR7502 Professional Stereo Headphone

    Sony MDR7502 Professional Stereo Headphone

    For clear, high-quality sound reproduction in a closed-ear design, Sony's MDR-7502 Headphone features gold connectors, an oxygen--free cord, and a; frequency response of 60 Hz to 18 kHz. And a 30 mm driver unit provides clear, high quality sound reproduction at an affordable price