1. Xplorer4x4

    Buying Advice

    I am new here but I glanced around and see you guys are die-hard audiophiles. I am not sure my personal audio tastes run quite this deep over all, but you guys are definitely the audience I would like to hear feedback from. For years I have used cheap ear buds for my headphone needs. Currently...
  2. vivalacarlo

    Audio technica ATH M50s vs Sony mdr V6 vs Sony mdr zx600 or Sony mdr zx700?

    Well, my budget is very tight since I am only a teenager so i literally have to wait next year to be able to buy new headphones (christmas money). I mostly listen to rap/hiphop/r&b but i do have a diverse music library. I have very bass heavy headphones like the mdr xb800s, mdr xb500s and the...
  3. theimapwnu

    Best $100-$150 non-Grado headphone

    Huge Grado fan here, but the Grado's are too flimsy for their owner (these are for a younger girl). Any recommendations before her non-head-fi dad buys her some Beats by Dre's lol. Best on-ear/over-ear headphones for $100-$150. 
  4. Young4

    Newbie buying first headphones

    I apologize if I post this in the wrong section as it is suppose to be for full sized headphones, but I am new to all of this and don't exactly understand the difference. I am looking for my first pair of 'nice' headphones for preferably under 100$. So far I have bee looking at the sennheiser hd...
  5. DustinBroke

    Just wondering about new Sony's I got.

    I decided to get the Sony MDR-ZX600 but are these good headphones? I think they sound great but do you guys think these are good for the price?
  6. tigerz5

    headphones < $80, comfortable, good sound

    Hi. My sony mdr zx600 headphones are bothering my skull after long hours. Obviously at this price i can't find "perfect" headphones but i just need something that has good sound as well as being very comfortable. Full sized earcups that don't squish my head, closed back, solidly built and has...
  7. Andyken

    Philips Fidelio L2 - review and comparison with (a lot of) other headphones

    I received my new Fidelio L2 headphones a few days ago and just thought I would share my thoughts. I read all the reviews and forum comments I could before ordering and was a little worried they might have been over-hyped, but I have to say that so far I am very, very impressed.   A little...
  8. burakt

    Zx600 ?

    Hi everybody. I am new at forum.I need some advices about sony mdr-zx600.I listen usually rock or thrash/heavy/power metal.I have been searching for headphones for weeks and i decided to buy sony zx600.But i read some bad comments about it.Now,i am not sure what i must buy. Note: I am living...
  9. Erwan

    Need Some Help

    Hello guys, sorry for bothering you again, but this is a site for headphones. For this third thread I will restart from the beginning so everyone know what I am looking for. I am currently in High School (15) and I m looking for new headphones. The ones I am using now are the Sony MDR-ZX600...
  10. ahking

    can anyone help me to choose between jvc ha-s680 and sony mdr-zx600?

    hello guys..can anyone help me to choose between jvc ha-s680 and sony mdr-zx600? i need to choose only and i prefer sound quality than design.. i want to use this with my fiio x3.. please someone help me 
  11. Erwan

    Any help guys?

    Hello guys, I will try and make this thread simple to read. I am a 14 year old male and I am looking for closed back headphones. I will now list the requirements:   -Currently using the Sony MDR-ZX600s for music and gaming. -Maximum price is $100. -Need to be portable, I will be taking and...
  12. BluePhase

    Looking for the best 'Office on-ear'

    Hi guys, I'm looking for advice on a set of supra-aural headphones in the €200 to €300 range. As I'm easily distracted, I use a headphone at the office in order to help me focus during certain tasks. I currently use a set of of Sony MDR-ZX600's which I hang around my neck all day so I can use...
  13. robakri

    Noontec Zoro vs Sony MDR-ZX600

    Hi   I decided to buy a cheap pair of portable on-ear headphones the other day and was possibly a bit rushed and didn't look at all my options and bought the zx600. After ordering the headphones I ran into an article about the Zoros where the reviewer completely raved about how good they...
  14. Closingracer

    Sony MDR-ZX300 worth about $14 bucks?

    I can get these for around $14 dollars(original price is $22.49) after taxes since I am buying them off and have a 10 dollar promotional credit and wondering these are worth $14 or should I put down $45 for the MDR-zx600. I Usually prefer earphones which I currently have Jaybird...
  15. Mogwai

    AKG Q460 or Sony MDR-ZX600? (same price)

    I found a great deal on AKG Q460, over 50% discount, but I've read some mixed reviews about them. I like the design of the Sony better, and they look more comfortable, but sound quality is more important. I would highly appreciate any thoughts on the two headphone models. Will be used with...
  16. djflorax

    Sony MDR-ZX600 or Audio Technica ATH-SJ55

    Hello, I am stuck between the two. Which do you think is better and why? Do you think I should just add more bucks to get the Sony MDR-V55? If I get the latter I will also get an Audio Technica ATH-ON300 for free. What do you think, guys? My budget is $80. It is okay if it exceeds, but not much...
  17. djflorax

    Sony MDR-ZX600 or Audio Technica ATH-SJ55

    Hello guys, im stuck between the two. i need your suggestions please. which is better and why. my budget is $80. thanks. and btw the if I pick the latter I also get an ATH-ON300 for free.
  18. chodemaster22

    Sony MDR-ZX600 or Sennheiser HD 439

    Which do you guys think is a better headphone? I have been looking for some new headphones to get and i've come to these two and can't decide which i should get. All help is much appreciated!
  19. Hovis

    Need some recommendations.

    I'm on the hunt for some headphones that will probably end up being my first serious purchase, they will be used as an all round pair of headphones.   So what I'm looking for is a pair of ON-EAR closed back headphones. I'll be using them at home as well as outdoors, so that's why I'd like to...
  20. joshkidd

    best IEMs and full size headphones under $100

    Hey, I'm looking to buy some new full size over the ear headphones, i like nice punchy well composed bass that's not overwhelming but definitely there and I also want very clear mids and crisp highs (these are in order of priority). I'm currently looking at the klipsch image ones, beyerdynamic...
  21. Huntersluch


  22. ilikedonkeys39

    best headphones for a school bus

    hey im thinking of getting some cheap headphones for the school bus ride. Here is a list of what im looking for.   Portable Comfy enough to wear for like 30 minutes cheap, under $70 about good for pop, r&b, little rock, alternative, and hip hop preferabley on ear so its smaller...
  23. Closingracer

    should i get the Sony MDR-zx300 or the Zx600?

    I can Get the Sony MDR-zx300 for around 15 dollars vs the Zx600 for around $45 but not sure which is better for the buck?
  24. jamin420

    SONY MDR-ZX600 or Sennheiser HD239?!

    hello :) I've been searching for some portable over ear, or on ear headphones to be used with my Ipod for general music listening. I listen to mostly reggae/funk/acoustic music so I want my headphones to have a good bass response, but not too heavy, and clear mids and highs. From the research...
  25. Darkwun

    Sony zx600/v55 size

    So i've just recently shipped off a pair Sennheiser HD25s not because of the awesome sound but mainly due to the impractical size and cable length when i'm on the go.   I've been looking around and i've decided on one of these as these both seem to meet the crossover of style and substance...