1. mOOOp64

    Help with Choosing

    Hey I'm new around here but I have been looking over the forums for some time now. My curiousity with headphones started when my friend bought a pair of beats and I really liked the deep bass and looks of the headphones and I really disliked the price. I'm a perfectionist and always like to get...
  2. JacobTerrado

    Sony XB700 vs. Sennheiser HD555

    I'm going to buy my first "high-quality" headphones, and i've narrowed it down to the Sony xb700 and the Sennheiser HD555. The price does not matter, because i can get them for around $70 - $80. I'm stuck between which is the "better" one. I listen to all types of music (alternative, hip-hop...
  3. andtobis

    Budget Amp

    Hello all,   I was looking for a very cheap amp that could help my ath-m50 and xb700 sound better if possible.  I looked at the fiio e5 and it looked cheap and good.   So just the requirements, -50$ or less -small -improve bass, not reduce it(not sure if its possible)   Thanks...
  4. babyhunz

    Need Recommendation

    Hey guys, my boyfriend is really into listening to his iPod and he's been using the original Apple earbuds. I wanna get him some over the ear headphones and hopefully he'll like it! Can you guys help me please?   He listens to rap and hip hop only. Artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Young Money...
  5. abeeb

    Sony MDR-XB700 and headphones in that pricerange

    Has anybody got the sony  MDR-XB700, i found them for £80 and was wondering if they were good value for money, otherwise what other headphones would you recomend for drum and bass and rock.   Thanks
  6. Merdril

    Sony MDR-XB700 Impression

    In this rare moment of freedom, I hastily write my impression of the Sony MDR-XB700 (with a mention of the Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi USB): Looks and Feel If you read my impression of the Shure SRH440, you'll know that I love sleek, black electronics. It's almost like my kryptonite...
  7. ThunderBass

    Help for a fellow basshead?

    I have done a lot of looking around on these forums and finally decided to make an account. I'm looking to buy a pair of headphones that will allow me to pump out as much bass as possible since my entire ipod is filled with almost entirely dubstep but I do have some some trance and a few other...
  8. Rndmness

    Recommend some portable headphones <$250 with my criteria?

    I've been searching for hours and hours for days and days trying to find the right portable headphone for me and I've had no success. Soo that's why I've come to you guys  Well basically, I'm looking for a pair of portable headphones that can fulfil most, if not all of my criteria as follows...
  9. bassophile

    Most opposite sounding headphones?

    Thought it would be fun to do a thread about the most striking differences between any 2 pairs of headphones you've heard and explain why they're so different. IEM's included.   This could be any aspect of audio presentation eg. soundstage depth/width/height, slow/fast transient response...
  10. Stillife

    Advice on $200 cans

    Well I'm not sure if its rude or not to make my first post a "please help me decide" thread.... but I'm gonna do it anyway. Here is my dilemma. I'm looking to spend $200 on a set of full size cans here are my needs and what I've been looking at so far. Please feel free to add any veteran advice...
  11. Relleum

    Best closed bass cans, under $350

    Ok, so I'm on the market for a new pair of headphones.  Here are the most important factors:   1. Closed and comfortable.  Seriously, I want them to be really comfortable. 2. Heavy, punchy bass.  I really want to be impressed this time. 3. Seksi looks.  These are for work, so they can't...
  12. DJPixcell

    Headphone Reccomendation (Tight, Loud, Punchy Bass)

    I have been window shopping headphones for.. god knows how long.. my original attention was at some AKG's, but I tried a pair of k240's that my friend had, and I really liked the sound, I just didn't think they were loud enough.. obviously thinking they need an amp..     Well I listen to A...
  13. StarboardTitan

    Headphones for a Dorm

    I'm going off to college soon and I'm looking for suggestions on closed, over the ear headphones. I currently own a pair of Sony MDR-V6's and while they're great headphones, they are too flat/antiseptic for my tastes. Highs and mids are clear and crisp but bass is almost nonexistent. I'm not a...
  14. Tacoboy

    SONY MDR-XB700 HEADPHONES, any reviews?

    I just saw some Sony headphones called "MDR-XB700" advertised on EBay for $157. Anyone tried these headphones?
  15. lebeatz

    Real or Fake? (Beats By Dre Studio Headphones)   Does anyone know if this website sells authentic monster products?  Because I am about to purchase a beats by dre studio headset from there, but I am unsure if I will receive the real product.   So if anyone knows or has purchased from that website...
  16. anirudh0802

    "Fun" Bass?

    Does anyone know any headphones that have "fun" bass? Meaning a nice impact I guess. I heard the D5000's have that but is there anything else that compares to that?