1. metalsam

    Headphones for deep bass.

    I'm looking for over-ear headphones with deep bass and amazing sound overall. I'm gonna use them mostly for music and also for video games. I'm not really gonna use them in public but they should be pretty stylish. Normally, I listen to heavy music and electronic music. They should also be easy...
  2. rhalf

    A mysterious problem with Sony MDR-XB700

    Hi, I repair headphones daily and I had been used to fixing any problem by replacing a cable or a plug until I met this mystery... It's an XB700 with tough past. First broken, then vandalized by someone with no clue, then saved and heavily modified, with possibly the best cable, profesionally...
  3. -xX-Mew-Xx-

    Thumping, Heavy bass headphones under $100

    I've been looking for bass heavy headphones for a month and I need some help. I cant spend more then 100. I dont mind if the bass messes up the meds and highs. Thanks.
  4. itsmelol1

    Bose vs Sony?

    I need budget priced headphones so i came down to these two.
  5. Noonar

    Fake Sony XB700's?? They seem to have extremely similar cable and earcups.
  6. Bratrod

    Seem legit? XB-700

    I owned my last pair of these for a long time, and I want another pair. Problem is that Amazon prices have gone way up since I purchased mine (~$70 to ~$200), so ive been looking other places. Ebay is not an option, unless they are used and I feel confident that they are not fakes. So my...
  7. Bratrod

    How easy to fix?   Worth fixing? Ive done my fair share of wiring, are headphones anything special?
  8. I-Gamer

    Headphones under $200 for gaming and music

    Hi guys! That's a very nice forum! I checked here a lot of reviews and opinions but I'm not able to choose! Please help me!  I need to choose a nice headphone or headset for music and gaming. I have a Sound Blaster Z like source and my budget is around $200. A feature that interest me...
  9. krismusic

    Who got headphones?

    Ok. So who got headphones for Christmas and what did you get? Doesn't really count if you bought them yourself but post anyway. Very Happy Christmas to all.
  10. Docks

    Considering another pair of basshead cans.

    I currently have the XB500, XB700 and DT770/80s for cans. XB500 is too boxy, although i like the punch. Lacking just a hint of sub bass compared to the XB700. XB700 is more resolving than the XB500, I would prefer it be a bit more darker. DT770/80, still my fav but has a sharp treble spike...
  11. bumba

    looking for bass heavy headphones

    Now i know theres lots of threads about this but i just cant get a satisfying answer...i currently have xb700 and i *****'d them thinking of ah-d1100, some akg headphones or maybe beyerdynamics too (only looking for over-the-ears, not on ears) , id say that $170 is the max price. Some...
  12. Davidek

    The reason why Sony has stopped selling the old mdr-XB headphones with XB-1000

    NOTE: Sorry for my english, it is not perfect :)   So, I think I can say that Sony had some problems making these, because they released some models, which are bass-light. I can tell that, because I have one. I bought the MDR-XB700 about 4 years ago, and it supposed to be my first nice...
  13. B9Scrambler

    First Look: Bass on a Budget

    Hello Head-fi,   I came across a nice little IEM the other day. So far I have about 20 hours on them, and while they are not outstanding, they are certainly a solid choice for a non-audiophile looking for an inexpensive pair of IEMs that look subtle, and pound out some serious bass.   What...
  14. Hawaiibadboy

    The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

    What are the best bass headphones? This is the hunt for the "Top 10" Bass headphones on the consumer market. The list will be compiled and based on identical set-ups (or similar) and tracks with identical Eq sloping/boosting...
  15. TheTodd

    Wanting to upgrade from xb700

    Hello everyone,      I am new to this forum but have been on it several times over the past year.  Everyone seems to be very helpful and kept non constructive criticism to a minimum too :). I am still new in the audiophile world and look forward to learning and being able to experience more...
  16. B9Scrambler

    Sony MDR-XB50: All of your basses...all of them.

    Hello Head-Fiers,   Just starting a thread for the new MDR-XB50, since it is a fairly new product, and not much has been said. IMO, for sub $100 budget bassy IEMs that I have tried/own, they are at the top of the heap.   "Extra Basses" Some stats from the back of the...
  17. radiohead14

    new Sony XB50 & XB70

    anyone got them yet or have tried them? having owned and a fan of the xb90, i'm curious if these would be any good.. considering the lower price...      ...
  18. Haisei

    panasonic htf 600 and sony xb 700 vs integrated sound card

    Hello guys, i'm looking for new headphones and considering opinions and reviews htf 600 and xb 700 both can be a good choice. The problem is i usually use headphones with my laptop which has integrated sound card (realtek hd audio) and i heard that a lot of headphones sound like crap with it. My...
  19. DopeZach

    Need help finding new headphones..

    Well, I've had the Sony XB 700's for a little bit. I like a lot of bass won't lie. But I still like good sound quality in general :p But anyways I was kind of disappointed with them. I was expecting well more bass I guess. I heard afterwards a lot of people say you need a amp for it and it only...
  20. Airwolf

    Are there any reputable forum members that can re-cable a pair of Sony MDR-XB700's?

    I have a pair of Sony MDR-XB700 headphones that I really like, but the cable is too darn short.  I am not comfortable enough to take apart the headphones and solder in new leads myself.  Is there anybody on the forum that does this kind of work that I could send my headphones to?
  21. PinoyPogiman

    Sony XB500(and other XB series cans) Appreciation Thread

    Who Here has had a guilty pleasure of waning for the constant feeling for more Bass from Headphones easily driven from an Ipod or CD Player without the need for a Headphone DAC or Amp?   or wanted headphones that looked original, fresh, and cool/ innovative looking?   or just wanted to...
  22. gallien

    What would you buy with $1,000 if you were me?

    I am looking to spend less than 1k total. My current collection of headphones: ATH-M50s, Image S4 IEM, VMODA M-100, Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros, Sony XB700. (Sound Isolation/Bass Head!!!) I listen to electronica, rap and metal and also do a good bit of PC gaming. I currently use a Fiio E5...
  23. TwistedSoldier

    Bassy Headphones for small heads ?

    I have been searching around for a new set of phones and as many reviews are out there, very few specify if they are suitable for small heads. I wear an extra small crash helmet if that helps, I have also been into sony sound systems for as long as I can remember as I have always enjoyed there...
  24. willitblend

    Best Basshead Can ($200) Poll

  25. DamixPL

    Looking for Nano 6 and Sony MDR-XB700 portable amp

    Hey guys, im looking for a portable amp for my Ipod Nano 6 as i want to crank up the volume output. Most of the time I use it with my Sony MDR-XB700's while im on the move form college or sometimes during lessons. I've looked at the FiiO E6 but I'm really newbie in this field and haven't really...