1. justsomesonyfan

    sony v55 pad size is like v150?

    i need new pads (valour) for my v55 headphones and all i find is original pads, which arent comfy to me, i found valour pads for the v150, will they fit my v55 PLEASE TELL ME, i really need your help FAST, thanks :)
  2. Lonelykid

    Need HELP for Choosing NEW headphones.

    I'm totally new to the world of HD audio. I'm currently using a SONY MDR-V55. I was very happy with it until recently, I got a chance to try the "Technics RP-DJ1200". Ever since I'm getting a muffled feeling with the SONY.   I had no idea the technics RP-DJ1200 were so expensive, until it was...
  3. icez84

    Thinking of upgrading from Sony V55 to Denon Hp700, what should i expect?

    Hi all,            been using my sony v55 with my iphone 4s and im pretty happy with it. The bass is good enough for newbie like me and its portable enough for me to dance with it + easy to drive with my 4s.. However, as all human, i gotta greedy and wanting more. I have set my eyes on denon...
  4. AfroSamurai

    Sony V-55 Vs Sennheiser HD 25-SP II Vs Dre Beat Mixr

    I'm currently torn between the 3, originally i wanted the mixr because i work in oc world and can get a 30% discount atm, but the price has gone back up to 220 from 175 (before discount) and everyone seems to think i should get the sonys, now a DJ has recommended i get the Sennheisers... HELP!!! 
  5. jonnyp11

    Headphones for $60 Help

    Trying to find the best set for about sixty bucks but dont know enough to pick, although i am being told by several people to get the sony xb500's and after trying a friends i really do like them, but not sure they are the best i can get. I listen to some heavy metal and a little dubstep, so i...
  6. MellonCollie

    Sony v55

    Anyone know if these are worth it? They look really nice and portable but I think the whole dj headphone thing is really gimmicked. I'm no basshead but I listen to bands like radiohead who have a huge range of music and I do want the bass to shine on some tracks and then switch to acoustics eq...
  7. tomo90

    Best closed Headphones within $100- $150

    Hey,   Need some advies, which o these closed headphones is best for that price, headphones should have some bass and be comfortable.   I'll use this at home. I think now about:   SONY MDR-V55 AKG K518 Sennheiser HD 439 Sennheiser HD 449 thanks for any of other option  ...
  8. mab1790

    Sony mdr v55 vs. Bose ae2 HELP PLEASE!

    I've been researching headphones for a while and have narrowed my choices down to two headphones after testing at best buy. They are the Sony v55 and Bose ae2. I don't listen for long periods at a time and just want something with a great sound for trips or casual listening. Throwing price and...
  9. MosinNagantMan

    Would you trust Refurbished headphones? Sort of a review of Sony's refurbished headphones

    I have never been in a Sony store until I moved to where I am now.  A salesperson showed me their little section of headphones 50% off which are "Factory recertified"  The choices were not great the first time I was there but I did walk out with MDR-MA300s, I was impressed with them and came...
  10. bassplz

    Numark Red Wave vs. Sony MDR-V55   looking for new headphones to replace my old sony xb500. my priority is hard hitting clear bass that doesn't distort the rest of the sound spectrum. looked into...
  11. drumnbasssoul

    Incredible I feel! MDR V55

    Now, im no audiophile. I do have an incredible love of music and this has brought on my recent lust of decent audio quality. (plus a job paying a decent wage). My previous headphones include the KAM1500 pro, XB300 and XB500. I have also owned various older items and even had some skullcandy hesh...
  12. sky777

    New sony mdr zx600, mdr v55, mdr ma100, ma300, ma900

    Sony came out with some new headphones and I was wondering if anybody had the opportunity to try them on.   I'm especially looking for a open can headphone. Wondering how the mdr ma300 sounds. It around my price range. If there are other open can headphones that are great that is within $100...
  13. Sony MDR-V55/BR DJ style Headphones

    Sony MDR-V55/BR DJ style Headphones

    Slim swivel folding style and reversible earcup for easy portability, Durable and lightweight flat cord, 40mm driver unit for high quality sound, Neodymium magnet delivers powerful sound, Resists high-power input up to 1,000mW