1. amiamy

    Help with choosing headphones? Or suggestions

    Hi. I hope this is the right forum to post this in I'm new. So my father is going to buy me a new set of headphones. I already know to stay away from beats, skullcrappy. ETC. Currently I have an older pair of SONY-MDRV55. My dad has a bad habit of falling for the industry. He has owned...
  2. ithehappy

    Sony MDR-V55 alternatives, which will be comfortable?

    I got a MDR-V55 with a Bravia I bought recently, and I love the sound of this unit. It's clear, the bass is just perfect and the overall sound is very detailed. I completely stopped using my XB300. But everything can't be good at a time, and it's the comfort factor which is killing me. My ears...
  3. Meshaboo

    The mother grubbin' struggle

    Hey guys...   Soooooo I've been haunting poor Best Buy stores around my college because I've been wanting to try out different headphones. I had the Sony MDR V55 for about a year and a half (on my 3rd pair because the 1st two cracked on the swivel). I really enjoyed having them (and my heart...
  4. Lifted Andreas

    Some AUDIO stuff for sale. Need to make space. HURRY! - Only the U-Control 222 left!!

    So I'm trying to get rid of some of my stuff to make space for new arrivals, my storage is very limited. Grab a bargain!! Unless stated otherwise shipping details are at the bottom. Please take your pick guys, want to get rid. If not sold to the Head-Fi community then all of this will go on...
  5. Meshaboo

    SONY MDR V55 Mod!

    Hey all!!   This is my first time back on the site in 2+ years (I'm a sophomore in college now), but I'm back with something to share! I'm sitting here in my dorm, bored as ...bricks? and for the past few days I've been researching headphones for a friend. Of course Head-fi was the first place...
  6. blackeaglece

    advice for buying headphones

    Hello everyone, I hope to do it right forum, I am writing because I have a suggestion to ask, that is, due to work and other services, I often make air travel quite long (10-12 hours) one thing that I always with me is my Galaxy S3 and the Google Nexus 7 and would like to listen to...
  7. cbro94

    mom looking for gift for 11 yr old

    hi-  need some help finding a pair of headphones for my son-  dont really want to spend more that $75-100.-  i just cant stand him cranking his Ipod around the house anymore!! saw a pair of Monster Ncredible Ntune for around $50.00 on dealnews-but have no idea what is junk and what is good or if...
  8. BalaVerde

    SONY MDR-V55 vs. SHURE SRH 240 vs. HD439 vs. MDR-XB600 vs. Pioneer HDJ-500

    Hello,   so I am looking for some headphones under 100$, I've been studying this forum, dozen of reviews, unboxings etc etc. and still I have no idea what to pick.   Currently I am using Creative Aurvana Live!, they offer good sound, but the build quality is terrible and as for now they...
  9. jawnn

    phones that do not break?

    A half year ago I got a pair of Sentry head phones. And quickly discovered they have too much base for my cheap CD player, but they work OK for my Sansa fuse.   Then a month ago I discovered they have a switch inside the speaker pods; one side is very difficult to keep on. But with out the...
  10. AzixTGO

    Best Budget Headphones

    Good morning fellow people with ears. I'm looking for the best headphones around the $50 range.. At first I was looking at the MDRXB500, then MDRXB600, then the MDR v55 (which I though were it till I came here), then I found this site and found the JVC HA-S500. Though "omagard I must has!!" only...
  11. agentsmith23

    ATH-WS55 vs MDR-V55

    I posted this in the Portable Headphones section a few days ago and didn't get a response. I'm not sure what is considered fullsize or portable and I am assuming I may have put it in the wrong room since I didn't get a response. Sorry for the double post.     I am still trying to find a...
  12. Sony Slave

    Sony MDR-V55 (DJ style) What Should I Expect?

    I ask because I am receiving these headphones somewhere around Christmas time. How is the sound, compared to Beats, and other headphones brand, how flush is the fit to your ears? Any feedback would be help!
  13. Section

    Marshall Major or Sony MDR-V55?

    Hey guys I just joined and the first thing I'd like to ask is which headphone should I buy? I'm 15 and I really like music, especially aggressive genres (Dubstep, Metal/Rock) and now I'd like to get a new pair of headphones, in the price range of 50-80 euros. So the two headphones I've chosen...
  14. teka

    Should i change my Pioneer SE-M390 with a Sony MDR-V55?

    Hello guys. I want your opinion on this. i have the pioneer se-m390 for over a year and i am pretty satisfied.i have a few issues though. after a while the headphones are very uncomfortable, and the cord is way too long so it is not really good for portable use.also they are not so good at...
  15. agentsmith23

    MDR-V55 vs ATH-WS55

    I am still trying to find a pair of headphones that I will be happy with. I started out with the Philips CitiScape Uptowns they sounded great but became uncomfortable around my ears after prolonged listening. I returned those for the Sony MDR-V55 and I really like the audio quality from them and...
  16. lebomb

    Sony MDR-V55 same as DJ Mogulz by Ear Pollution???

    Wow..........they look Identical.  Does Sony produce these for Ear Pollution?  I wonder if they have the same internals and sound signature???      
  17. crazzzzzyness

    Sony MDR-V55 vs Sony ZX600

    I want to know which one has better bass. Also, is the MDRV55 bulky? If you have any suggestions for me, it has to be under $100, stylish and portable. :)
  18. hektad

    Sony MDR-V55 ears pain and advice

    hi guys i understand i'm in audiophile's land and i'll soon be teared to pieces but anyway...   i just got a pair of this Sony MDR-V55   to me they sound ok, but the main problem is after half an hour or so i start to feel pain its like they are too tight or they press too much  ...
  19. Aerilon

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 vs Sennheiser HD 429s vs Sennheiser HD 335s vs Sony MDR-V55

    I'm planning to buy a headphone but I don't know which one to buy. This will be my first headphone I will buy. I will be only using the headphones for my iPod.  I usually listen to pop, electronic and sometimes rock, acoustic and dubsteps. soo which one is the best for these?   Audio...
  20. Tamirci

    Pads for Sony Mdr V55?

    Hello gals. I am looking out for other pads than stock ones for my Mdr V55 headphone (it says it has 40mm drivers but pads cover all the ears. They make my skin itch). Would be glad if you help me.     Best regards
  21. HouseMusic2398

    $200 Over-Ear Headphones

    Hey guys! I know that there are about a million posts about this topic, but I need some feedback for my situation. So basically I used to own Skullcandy Hesh(I know, they suck) and I was unimpressed with the sound quality. So now I want some quality headphones for some serious listening. I...
  22. newbieAudio

    should I purchase headphones for my iPhone 5?

    Hi, I'm not an audiophile but am interested in improving my listening experience.  Would it be possible to do so simply by purchasing a better pair of headphones for my iPhone 5?  I am trying to decide between these 2:  ...
  23. Galinho13

    Sennheiser HD 202 or Sony MDR-V55

    Hello guys! I'd like to share a doubt that I have.   At this moment, I'm wearing a Sennheiser HD 202. I own it for almost 6 months and I simply love it. It has a nice bass and it really isolates some noise. But, unfortunately, the cable is long and this annoy me so much (as far as I use it...
  24. itsthedanyole

    sony hdrv55 and htc one x, best amp?

    I have a set of Sony HDR-V55 and a set of MDR-NC13 (EDIT: I now own AKG k701 and Sony MDR XB600) of which I can't decide is better, and an HTC one x that I use to drive them. I have to say for a budget, they sound pretty good! But I want more.... I have always been a fan of a good set of cans...
  25. evilqwerty

    Sony mdr-v55 or AKG k172hd

    Hi all, I'm buying my first semi-decent pair of headphones.  I don't think I'll use them outdoors.  I like lots of bass, but treble is more important to me.   Due to budget, I'd narrowed it down to   Sony mdr-v55 for $60CAD and AKG k172hd for $100CAD.   Which pair sounds better in...