1. SeEnCreaTive

    First true Hi-Fi headphone experiences.

     Hey guys, Im a bit new to Head-Fi here, and have been mostly lurking in some smaller threads. I don't think I have enough experience to post anything meaningful in some other big threads.   But here is my debut I suppose. If you're into some reading   Background I was using ear-buds for...
  2. PLSkillJBeebs

    Need Cans for my Lifestyle

    Howdy, new guy here. I'm a media nut. I love my music above all, movies are a close second and games are fun when I'm bored. I love rock and hip hop type genres. Movies and games in my opinion have very similar sound profiles (not sure if used right). I want a headphone set that can handle what...
  3. doggrell3000

    sony mdr ma900 vs sony mdr 1r

    dear forum sony currently sells two good phones --- the mdr ma900 and the mdr 1r . i have not listened to either phone but this forum has favorably reviewed both cans . sony mdr ma900 : sony mdr 1r : i listen almost exclusively to solo classical piano . bach , mozart , beethoven ...
  4. luciferzexii

    Plz advice me some budget headphone!!!

    Hi guys, i need your help to recommend some of the budget headphone that suit for classical and vocal music. I prefer those could give a relaxing sound and comfort to wear since i feel that my sony V7506 is quite sharp and hard to have a long and relax time for listening to music. my budget is...
  5. jorjdboss

    Sony MDR MA300 compared to other similar Headphones

    I'm looking for some cheap all round headphones and came across the Sony MDR MA300. They cost Rupees 1,300 in India, which is about $25 which is really cheap. I couldn't find a proper review anywhere online. I've read that open back headphones sound more natural and airy. Also I'm not in a loud...
  6. JayNetTech5

    Should I buy these or?

    Should I buy these new headphones and try them out?                 Or these?      ...
  7. JayNetTech5

    Not sure if I should buy these.

    What are your thoughts on these SONY cans, are they worth an investment? People are saying the MDR-MA300s aren't that great, but there hasn't been much said on the MA100. What are your thoughts of the MA100s, because those are the ones i am thinking about buying. Anyone ever tried them on?  ...
  8. MosinNagantMan

    Would you trust Refurbished headphones? Sort of a review of Sony's refurbished headphones

    I have never been in a Sony store until I moved to where I am now.  A salesperson showed me their little section of headphones 50% off which are "Factory recertified"  The choices were not great the first time I was there but I did walk out with MDR-MA300s, I was impressed with them and came...
  9. sky777

    New sony mdr zx600, mdr v55, mdr ma100, ma300, ma900

    Sony came out with some new headphones and I was wondering if anybody had the opportunity to try them on.   I'm especially looking for a open can headphone. Wondering how the mdr ma300 sounds. It around my price range. If there are other open can headphones that are great that is within $100...
  10. Dyjon54

    Sony MDR MA300

    Anyone try these out? I was going to get the Metrocity headphones but these look like they may be better. They are 49.99 at amazon right now and just came out not to long ago.
  11. Sony MDR-MA300 Over the Head Style Headphones

    Sony MDR-MA300 Over the Head Style Headphones

    New Flexible ear fit mechanism lets you have the perfect wearing comfort and provides better sound quality, regardless the shape of the ear, 40mm driver unit reproduces powerful sound, Open-air type headphones can realize wide natural sound field