1. Djini

    Good choice for an Audio newbie?

    I've moved off an iPhone 3GS to a HTC Desire HD and thought I'd get some new in-ears to replace my CX300 II and my Sony MDR-EX75SL just to make a change and maybe get something a bit better.   I don't have lots of money to throw at this for now - you might see me in the trade threads here...
  2. E

    Looking for a good cheap pair of earphones

    Hi, I'm from Australia, recently my earphones died :\ (SoundMagic MP21) and I need a replacement, do you guys have any suggestions? I like bass, lots of it, but I don't really like muddy bass. My price range is anything below $80AUD ($100AUD if the earphones are really that much better).   ...
  3. Icyx

    Headphones for drum and bass, dubstep for around 100$, advice?

    Hey everyone, So today I decided my sony MDR-EX75 just weren't doing it for me anymore and that I wanted some proper full size headphones. I googled a bit here and there and eventually ended up on this forum which I've been browsing for the past 6 hours. Unfortunately none of the topics...
  4. Sony Mdr-Ex75/Slv Ex Earbuds Headphones with 9mm Hi-Sensitivity Driver (Silver)

    Sony Mdr-Ex75/Slv Ex Earbuds Headphones with 9mm Hi-Sensitivity Driver (Silver)

    New 9mm hi-sensitivity driver units for a wider acoustical range. New earbud shape with angled driver unit allows for comfortable wearing. Short cord (2 feet) & extension cord (2 feet) supplied.