1. Ezsqrd

    Under $30 IEM, help, please?

    Checked out several under $30 IEM threads but I couldn't really figure out if the the highly recommended IEMs were what I am looking for. I've owned the RE-262 and that sound signature is something that I enjoy, although it was hard to drive without an amp when I'm out and about.   I was...
  2. oMalakai

    The good-mainstream brand ear/heaphones thread

    Hello Head Fiers! I think that it could be nice to make a thread with those nice discoveries of headphones that appear sometimes at the big brands. One of those, could be the well known Philips SHE-3580 for example that at a really low price, and available world wide it's a nice budget option...
  3. Ezsqrd

    Sony MDR-EX10 Right Side Keeps Dying

    Basically what the title says. This is my second pair and both times, the right side dies. Right now, the volume output is significantly lower on the right side compared to the left side. In my previous pair, the right side completely blew out - no sound came out. I've been told that it's...
  4. vegetaleb

    Sony SBH50 or SBH20 users here?

    Hello! I want to know if there are Sony SBH50 or SBH20 users here? How's sound quality with a good pair of IEM like HIFIMAN 272? Did you take the white or black version? And should I buy SBH50 for jogging or better get the smaller SBH20?
  5. Sony MDR-EX10LP Earbud Headphones

    Sony MDR-EX10LP Earbud Headphones

    Earbud Headphones CobaltSony Mdrex10Lp/Dbl Earbud Headphones (Cobalt Blue) Sold Individually Closed, Dynamic Design; Power Handling: 100 Mw; Neodymium Magnet; L-Shaped Stereo Mini Plug; 9Mm, Dome Type Driver; Freq Resp: 8 Hz-22,000 Hz; Imp: 16_ @ 1 Khz; Sensitivity: 100 Db/Mw; Cord Length: 1.2...