1. samu


    ​   General Specifications (as in packaging):   Frequency Response : 8 - 22.000 Hz Driver                        : 9 mm Sensitivity                 : 100 dB/mW Impedance                : 16 ohm Plug                         : 3.5 mm L-Shaped Gold Plated Accessories              : SML...
  2. Metaleer

    Upgrading from cheap iPod earphones to canalbuds

    Hey, all.   I sort of got tired of the cheap earphones that come with the iPod, and other similar earbuds.   So, I've decided to purchase some entry-level canalbuds.   Here are the four options I have; I have listed them from cheapest to most expensive.   Sony MDR-EX10LP (12...
  3. jedichampion

    going to buy soon

    meelectronics m16 $25   or   soundmagic PL30 $28   or   meelectronics m9 $20
  4. swbf2cheater

    Sony MDR-E10 buds. Looking for another model of a higher quality

    well, i love my e10s, they are both fun and engaging, and have good bass.  Could be a little more clear but i aint complaining.   was wondering if sony offers an upper model, Ive 0 experience with sony buds.
  5. SONY MDR-E10LP Lightweight Earbuds (GRAY)

    SONY MDR-E10LP Lightweight Earbuds (GRAY)

    Sony's MDR-E10LP Ear-Bud Headphones features 13.5mm driver units, Neodymium Magnets for powerful bass and clear treble sound. With super light in the ear design fits snuggly yet comfortably. Available in various colors so you can match with your player, your clothes, or your mood!