1. Jema

    Closed, analytical headphones for sound technicians

    I've been looking at some of the closed headphones that are popular throughout this forum, and was wondering if there is any headphone model that is preferred for professional practical work, such as a sound technician in a music studio or on location at a filmproduction?   I assume this...
  2. Czilla9000

    What dynamic headphones sound most similar to electrostats?

    Hello friends,   I very much enjoy my Stax SRM-313/Stax SR-303 combo (would that be called a "Classic 2" system?). There are times, however, I don't have access to an electrostatic amp, or don't feel like setting up the whole system...   ...For those times, what dynamic headphones most...
  3. DjAmTraX

    Going to Hong Kong in two weeks. What should I buy?

    I understand that the Asian market has headphones we don't have in the U.S.  Is there one I should look for and perhaps buy?  I was thinking Sony MDR-CD900st, but I already have a MDR-7506.  Do I need the CD900 too?  Anything else comes to mind?
  4. Mike Scarpitti

    Repair of Sony MDR-V7

    I broke the left yoke on my MDR-V7. Sony says they cannot fix, I believe this is the same as the 900ST. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Takashi

    CD900ST pics and short review

    A couple of weeks ago I bought MDR-CD900ST, a kind of tweaked version of MDR-7506, but has some significant difference. CD900ST, the most popular monitor headphone in music studios in Japan and other countries, is designed by Sony and Sony Music Entertainment(SME), sold by SME through some...
  6. Jaska

    Sony MDR-7506 and MDR-CD900ST

    A couple of questions regarding these Sony headphones: Is there actually any known difference between the MDR-7506 and the much more common MDR-V6? The information I'm able to find on the Internet seems pretty unreliable, and mostly written by people who report not having listened to either...
  7. krayzie

    Adding Fold Capability to Sony MDR-CD900ST?

    I'm trying to figure out how to add folding capability to the MDR-CD900ST by looking at the MDR-7506 service manual here:  ...
  8. WmAx

    Sony mdr-cd900st - Anybody evaluated these?

    Has anyone directly evaluated the mdr-cd900st vs. the MDR-7506? If you have, I would appreciate your opinion on the differences between these two devices. The comparision must be between the mdr-cd900st and mdr-7506(mdr-v6), as to establish a somewhat(however loose) useful point of reference...
  9. jjmai

    What does MDR stand for in Sony headphones?

    Most, if not all, Sony headphones have product names that start with MDR. But what exactly does this acronym stand for?
  10. Chris J

    Are you a Basshead? Or a Treblehead? Or a Midrange head? A Flathead? Or....?

    Hey, Just thought I would run an informal poll here, see what type of tonality people prefer and have some discussion. No judgement. Just for fun!    Just looking for opinions. Please feel free to explain your choice, but this is optional (but we hope you do!)   Cheers, Chris J
  11. AlbinoBlacMan

    Detailed Closed Cans under (around) $300

    Looking for some detailed closed circumaural cans. They also need good isolation. Sound leakage is not a huge concern although a ton of sound leakage would be a problem. I assume as long as they're not open back they should be fine.   I'm not a huge fan of bass and don't really care about...
  12. Keenan

    Upgrade from ath-m50 ( Vocal)

    Hi,     I am planning to upgrade my gear (ath-m50 with pico dac amp), prefer headphone for vocal and pop ( mostly is j-pop such as kalafina) I have did some research that some headphones is great in vocal, so there are some option for my gear.     Option 1,  HD 600     ...
  13. AzraelDarkangel

    Has anyone listened to both the Sony CD900ST and CharterOak SP-1/GMP 450pro?

    Reviews are similar in that they are both supposed to have a glorious and detailed vocals/midrange with proper amplification but reviews are scarce as they are both a bit obscure and I've never seen them compared. Thanks, Joshua
  14. krayzie

    Anyone ever listened to the original Sony MDR-CD900 from the 80's?

    I'm just wondering if anyone had experience with the original Sony Electronics MDR-CD900 from the late 80's?   I always wanted to know how does the consumer model compare to the Sony Music MDR-CD900ST. Would the original CD900 be closer to the V7?   I had the V7 bought from the late 80s...
  15. HeroicPenguin

    Mid-centric headphones for indie rock?

    Hey guys,   I posted this in the Recommendations thread, but got a pretty inconclusive answer. I want a mid-centric, preferably open headphone for ~$200-250. I'll be mainly listening to indie rock (Arcade Fire, The National, Phoenix, etc.) and some classic rock/British Invasion (The Who, The...
  16. Sony MDR-CD900ST

    Sony MDR-CD900ST

    Sony MDR-CD900ST is only sold at Japan