1. DjAmTraX

    Sony MDR-CD900ST Professional Headphones Unboxing Video and a What moment.

    Decided to get the MDR-CD900st because I am a Sony fanboy and I love how they look.  Opened the box and was surprised by the lack of retail packing.  It's very un-Sony like to package it in a white box.  A quick search here confirmed that it is how they come.     A quick listen proved that...
  2. littlebear

    Sony MDR-CD900ST

    Hi there. Selling these barely used Sony MDR-CD900ST, which are similar in look to the MDR-7605 / V6 etc. but are a different, more exclusive beast sold only in Japan. They are a studio monitor type headphone, meaning a closed can with a neutral sound focussing on midrange detail - and I would...
  3. HeroicPenguin

    FS/FT: Sony MDR-CD900ST

    For sale are a pair of Sony MDR-CD900ST. I bought them last month from Head-Fi user Philimon, but I just find myself using them much less than my HD600s (and I want to fund another IEM purchase). These headphones are quite rare and only found in Japan, where they are often used in studios for...
  4. Philimon

    Sony MDR-CD900ST

    Non-smoking home.   Upgraded with Pearstone Deluxe velour earpads. Will include the originals.    In good condition, except the "For Digital" stickers were removed by previous owner.    I can include a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter if you wish.    I have perfect feedback on Head-Fi, eBay...
  5. oopeteroo

    [WTB] Sony MDR-CD900ST, MA900, Hifiman He-400, Sennheiser HD580, HD600, AKG Q701,

    Hi i want to buy the following headphones in good condition.   Sony MA900 Sony MDR-CD900ST Hifiman He-400 Sennheiser HD580 HD600 AKG Q701     Need to ship to sweden.
  6. Kukuk

    For Trade: Sony MDR-CD900ST for AKG K501 (US ONLY)

    I know I'm probably going to regret this, but here goes:   I'm looking to trade my Sony MDR-CD900ST's for a pair of like-new condition AKG K501's. The CD900ST's are in great condition, with no noticeable flaws. The pads are in great condition, no tears and no flaking, no scratches anywhere...
  7. oopeteroo

    Sony MA900 vs Sony CD900st

    i think i will buy Sony Ma900 or Cd900st.   as iam looking for the best sound for vocal music i found cd900st that is closed (someone said it was better than Q701 in mid, was going to buy it) . and then a few day ago i read about the Ma900, people said it was a better headphone than...
  8. spinenvinyl

    kef q1 speakers for Sony MDR-CD900ST and PPAS amp. Good deal?

    Hi, im considering trading my kef q1 speakers for a set of Sony MDR-CD900st headphones, along with a ppas amplifier. Is this a good deal?
  9. AzraelDarkangel

    Anyone heard both the Shure 1440 and Sony CD900ST?

    Can anyone compare these two, especially mids, overall balance and detail? Particularly vocals and acoustic instruments? Thanks, Joshua
  10. Mheat122134

    Sony MDR-CD900ST

    Looking for these headphones will pay up to $170 shipped to Canada. Thanks!
  11. DJBaila

    My LNIB Sennheiser Momentum (Brown) for your Sony MDR-Z1000, Sony MDR-7520 OR Sony MDR-CD900st

    Trading my Sennheiser Momentum (Brown) "LIKE NEW" with box, all accessories and Bestbuy Ticket for warranty purposes. For your Sony MDR-Z1000, Sony MDR-7520, Sony MDR-CD900st OR Sony MDR-7550.     Interested in Denon AH-D600 and Shure SE535 Too.
  12. MrViolin

    cd900st questions

    Hey guys, I've been looking through some phones for the higher end recently, and one of which is the cd900st.   Do the pads wear out as fast as the V6's pads supposedly can (~6 months-a year earliest I've seen)? If so, where can I get replacement pads for them? I've also heard that these...
  13. oopeteroo

    Vote which headphone to buy for Asian-pop (Cpop, Kpop, Jpop), Ballad and female voice music

    HI my last thread for this matter :P Gonna order the headphone with most vote tomorrow.   Iam using Odac+O2   listen mainly to Cpop, Jpop, Kpop, ballad, female voice music, acoustic   Have narrowed it down to:   akg Q701 akg K702 anni akg K401/K400 akg K501 sony Ma900...
  14. kimvictor

    Mid-Centric Headphones?

    Are there are any mid centric headphones under $300, and can be powered relatively easily? Here are some requirements: Open or Closed Good Soundstage Details Mid-Upper or Lower Comfort I already have srh940, which I love, but I also want to test others. Thanks!
  15. oopeteroo

    Audio technica AD900x, Sony MDR-CD900ST, Hifiman He-400 for Kpop, Jpop, Cpop ?

    Hi! its me again :D   Iam still looking for a new headphone.   Right now iam using: Odac + build in O2 amp HD650 mp3 320kbps and flac   im listening to Jpop, Kpop, Cpop, female Ballad, female vocal music, ascustic   I had the HD598 really love this, feeling there is no...
  16. CFabian

    FS: Sony CD900ST

    For sale is my Sony CD900ST. I picked up this pair new from Audiocubes probably around 2 1/2 or 3 years ago and I have taken good care of them ever since. They are a natural sounding headphone and are very well regarded for their beautiful midrange (which along with that of the LCD2 is the best...
  17. Siva108

    Anything more neutral than the MDR-V6 for $170 budget?

    So I decided to save up and spend a little more on headphones.   I'm looking for as neutral a sound as possible for my budget. I'm looking for durability, comfort, sound quality and isolation.   So from the frequency graphs I've seen (still very new to this so please correct me if I'm...
  18. elemein

    So what's after the MDR-V6s?

    Just poking around, I know these headphones usually aren't peoples favourite headphones, but they are well respected. The thing is, I've tried lots of other headphones, and the V6s are indeed MY favourite headphones ever. Durability is off the charts, nice rugged style, and sound, while I have...
  19. tseliottt

    Sony 7520 vs cd900st?

    I prize resolution, and love studio accurate headphones ala the etymotic er4. I've also noticed that Sony makes some of the most underrated headphones on the market. I was looking at these two models for my fullsized headphone, but there's hardly any info on them. Certainly not enough to get a...
  20. elemein

    Sony MDR-V6 (and family) Impressions Thread

    So after a long time of searching, I've come to the conclusion that the Sony MDR-V6 and it's family simply don't have an appreciation thread. Lots of headphones and headphones families (or series, such as the Grado's) have appreciation threads, but it seems that many people like, love and think...
  21. test01101011

    The All Japanese Optimized Setup

    First off, new member! I'm from but not like that makes a difference here. I'm looking forward to what I hope a community just a friendly or friendly than OCN, no competition here. I will probably love both communities.   Straight to the main point, I'm looking for something to...
  22. thoughtcriminal

    Sony MDR-V7. impressions and review.

    Short Impressions (for TL-DNR) durable studio headphones. Lightweight and comfortable. Flat, uncolored, crisp, and detailed. Good definition, soundstage, and separation. Great for high quality audio sources, not so great for low quality sources. Everything the MDR-V6 is, but better.
  23. Deep Funk

    Impressions and comparisons: Pioneer Monitor 10; AKG K240 DF; Pioneer Monitor 10R; Philips N6330; Sony DR 6A; Sony MDR CD900 ST; Beyerdynamic DT48E.

      Impressions and comparisons: Pioneer Monitor 10; AKG K240 DF; Pioneer Monitor 10R; Philips N6330; Sony DR 6A; Sony MDR CD900 ST; Beyerdynamic DT48E.   As the title suggests this work is devoted to summarize impressions and to compare the headphones based on these impressions. Everything...
  24. Greeni

    Headphone pads too shallow - what to do ?

    I have this issue with my Sony MDR CD900ST, the headphone pads are too shallow and too close to my ears, that when I pull them away the clarity and SQ actually improve.   The pads of the 900ST is very shallow in the first place, but I also notice this to a lesser extent with some other...