1. Koukol

    Headphone Results With The Pono (or other DAPs)

    I thought I'd start a new thread so we can gather results from all the Headphones we've tried with the Pono  (good or bad) and any fixes that took them from bad to great.   The other day I got the 650's and gave them a spin on my Marantz CD Player connected to my Little Dot MKIII tube Amp. I...
  2. jsanfilippo5

    Alternative to the mdr 7506

    I Currently have the Sony MDR-7506 they sound great, but they are a little too bright for me - I like everything else about them, but the highs can get a little piercing and annoying if wearing them for a while.   Can anyone recommend a similar spec'd headphone with a more tamed treble?     ...
  3. MellonCollie

    Alternatives for the Sony v6?

    I want the same studio quality but without the coil cable Big cables make me not want to use them outside
  4. Kukuk

    Mid-centric closed headphones?

    I've been kind of out of the loop with new headphones lately, and am wondering what closed headphones out there are very mid-centric. I've owned the AKG K271s (which are great) and the Sony MDR-CD900STs (which are beyond marvelous), and I've heard, very briefly, Beyerdynamic DT48's, but I'm...
  5. Faust2D

    Just curious - SONY MDR-900ST

    What is the deal with these headphones? How do they sound? Are they really the same as SONY MDR-V7? Just curious. Searched a bit but could not find any meaningful information.
  6. nofarewell


    Hi All,  I'm interested in your opinion about old Sony headphones in terms of their sound. Is the original CD900 purchaseable btw? I'm really interested in that 40 mm diamond coated diaphragm. I will choose a headphone in a couple of months and I would prefer Sony for the matter - but I need...
  7. DDKL

    I need a jack-of-all-trades headphone

    Getting right to the point.   Used for:   -producing music, especially electronic. -listening to music for pleasure (obviously) -gaming (counter strike, horror games, etc.) -closed-back -analog, not USB -as flat as it can get -soundstage not too important, but sure why not...
  8. starbux48

    Looking for some good over the ear phones to listen to lossless classical from MacBook Pro

    I must keep the cost below $200 preferably $150.  Very open to used or older models.  On-ear second choice but acceptable.  Eventually probably get an Audioengine D1 USB/Optical DAC/Amp in a few months.  Listen to other types of music too, but favorite is classical especially anything with...
  9. H20Fidelity

    Looking for brighter/cooler sounding headphones (think Sony MDR-V6) $200 - $300

    I usually find myself in the portable headphones / IEM section, as I"m an IEM kind of guy, however recently I've become interested in full-size headphones although I'm having some problems and lack of time to research all the available options, so why not ask the community my question. I'm...
  10. AkiTAKA

    left headphone driver significantly softer than the other

    the left driver of my sony MDR-cd900st headphones got alot softer after i tried to plug it into an old radio. wondering if replacing the driver would fix the problem 
  11. tankteh

    Ridiculously amazing Headphone. Sound Warrior SW-HP 10.

    I purchased this 100$ headphone two weeks ago from rakuten. It has had about 200 hours of burn in time. I couldn't believe the sound. It is ferocious. Punchy detailed bass, never boomy, soundstage larger than my ath ad1000x, more detail and speed than than my sa5000's. The midrange is very in...
  12. oopeteroo

    new headband/earpads for SONY CD900ST ?

    i need  a new pair of earpads and headband for cd900st.   where can i get those ? and is there velour pads that will fit cd900st ? will other pads change the sound of it ?
  13. Jtom94

    Does Sony Music Enterainment Japan produce other headphones besides CD900ST?

    The MDR-CD900ST is designed and manufactured by Sony Music Entertainment Japan and not Sony Electronics (according to Does anyone know if Sony Music Entertainment Japan produces any other headphones bedsides the MDR-CD900ST?       "Designed and manufactured by Sony Music...
  14. DjAmTraX

    Sony MDR-CD900ST Professional Headphones Unboxing Video and a What moment.

    Decided to get the MDR-CD900st because I am a Sony fanboy and I love how they look.  Opened the box and was surprised by the lack of retail packing.  It's very un-Sony like to package it in a white box.  A quick search here confirmed that it is how they come.     A quick listen proved that...
  15. oopeteroo

    Sony MA900 vs Sony CD900st

    i think i will buy Sony Ma900 or Cd900st.   as iam looking for the best sound for vocal music i found cd900st that is closed (someone said it was better than Q701 in mid, was going to buy it) . and then a few day ago i read about the Ma900, people said it was a better headphone than...
  16. AzraelDarkangel

    Anyone compare Beyer DT250 250ohm to Sony CD900st?

  17. spinenvinyl

    kef q1 speakers for Sony MDR-CD900ST and PPAS amp. Good deal?

    Hi, im considering trading my kef q1 speakers for a set of Sony MDR-CD900st headphones, along with a ppas amplifier. Is this a good deal?
  18. AzraelDarkangel

    Anyone heard both the Shure 1440 and Sony CD900ST?

    Can anyone compare these two, especially mids, overall balance and detail? Particularly vocals and acoustic instruments? Thanks, Joshua
  19. MrViolin

    cd900st questions

    Hey guys, I've been looking through some phones for the higher end recently, and one of which is the cd900st.   Do the pads wear out as fast as the V6's pads supposedly can (~6 months-a year earliest I've seen)? If so, where can I get replacement pads for them? I've also heard that these...
  20. oopeteroo

    Vote which headphone to buy for Asian-pop (Cpop, Kpop, Jpop), Ballad and female voice music

    HI my last thread for this matter :P Gonna order the headphone with most vote tomorrow.   Iam using Odac+O2   listen mainly to Cpop, Jpop, Kpop, ballad, female voice music, acoustic   Have narrowed it down to:   akg Q701 akg K702 anni akg K401/K400 akg K501 sony Ma900...
  21. kimvictor

    Mid-Centric Headphones?

    Are there are any mid centric headphones under $300, and can be powered relatively easily? Here are some requirements: Open or Closed Good Soundstage Details Mid-Upper or Lower Comfort I already have srh940, which I love, but I also want to test others. Thanks!
  22. oopeteroo

    Audio technica AD900x, Sony MDR-CD900ST, Hifiman He-400 for Kpop, Jpop, Cpop ?

    Hi! its me again :D   Iam still looking for a new headphone.   Right now iam using: Odac + build in O2 amp HD650 mp3 320kbps and flac   im listening to Jpop, Kpop, Cpop, female Ballad, female vocal music, ascustic   I had the HD598 really love this, feeling there is no...
  23. Siva108

    Anything more neutral than the MDR-V6 for $170 budget?

    So I decided to save up and spend a little more on headphones.   I'm looking for as neutral a sound as possible for my budget. I'm looking for durability, comfort, sound quality and isolation.   So from the frequency graphs I've seen (still very new to this so please correct me if I'm...
  24. 1

    So what's after the MDR-V6s?

    Just poking around, I know these headphones usually aren't peoples favourite headphones, but they are well respected. The thing is, I've tried lots of other headphones, and the V6s are indeed MY favourite headphones ever. Durability is off the charts, nice rugged style, and sound, while I have...
  25. tseliottt

    Sony 7520 vs cd900st?

    I prize resolution, and love studio accurate headphones ala the etymotic er4. I've also noticed that Sony makes some of the most underrated headphones on the market. I was looking at these two models for my fullsized headphone, but there's hardly any info on them. Certainly not enough to get a...