sony mdr-7502
  1. fleasbaby

    Grado Modders Go Nhoord?!?!

    Another driver maker has entered the marketplace. It's great to see more guys like this popping up. Modding Grados and building Grado-esque cans is a deeply satisfying sub-genre in the lunacy that is the headphone hobby. Here are some pictures of the prototypes in the cups I have been using them...
  2. wje

    The "non-Grado" Driver Grado Thread

    Purpose: To discuss driver alternatives that are being used within the Grado headphone cups.  This would apply to both custom wooden cups, as well as the standard plastic Grado or Alessandro cups, as well as Mahogany cups made by Grado. Again, the emphisis is on non-Grado manufactured drivers...
  3. kramer5150

    post your grado mods....

    Just throwing this general discussion out there. Post your grado mods. Pads, cables, headband, earcups, woodwork... ANYTHING Goes!! Pics would be nice, but certainly not needed. Text will do just fine Garrett