1. WalnutTarts

    Looking for $80 IEMs sold by Best Buy

    I bought a pair of Sony MDR-EX310s a while ago along with a 2-year product replacement plan. They broke a week or two ago, so I sent them in and got a Best Buy gift card for their value ($80+tax). However, the Sony MDR-EX310s are now discontinued and are not stocked by Best Buy anymore, I'm...
  2. dweaver

    Sony MDR EX310 Appreciation Thread - The forgotten IEM

    I was in a local Sony store (Chinook Center in Calgary) and they had the Sony EX310 on sale for $40 so I finally bit on this IEM for use at the gym so i don't accidentally wreck my expensive IEM's. The salesman actually sounded reasonably knowledgeable and he suggested the half price on the...
  3. FroogalStoodent

    Sony MDR-ZX310 sound?

    Has anybody listened to the new Sony MDR-ZX310? Do they sound like the older MDR-ZX300? I'm curious whether Sony actually made any changes to the sound, or if they just mildly redesigned them and made them fold up. Any input is appreciated--thanks!
  4. logscool

    Cheap IEM for sports and on the go use

    I am looking for a very inexpensive IEM ~$60 for use during running, biking, rollerskiing, and nordic skiing. I will also use it as a commuting and on the go use. Comfort is very important as well as an earphone which will not easily fall out and of course sound quality. I listen to a very wide...
  5. ajmiarka

    Scosche IEM856 - Dual drivers, one armature and one dynamic

    This is an interesting concept to me.  Are there other companies doing this?   I love a warm sound, but sometimes wish that there was a bit more sparkle on the mid/high end.  This seems like it would solve both issues.    I know that Scosche isn't know for their sound, but I thought I would...
  6. treyedean

    Sony MDREX310LP V.S. Klipsch Image S4

    So I am getting ready to upgrade my Sennheiser CX475s to something a little better.  My Budget is between $60.00 and $80.00.  I have narrowed my choices down to the Sony MDREX310LP and the Klipsch Image S4.  I was looking for some good side by side comparisons of these two headphones but for...
  7. macaroo

    MDR-XB40EX or MDR-EX310LP. Help please.

    Can anyone give me any comparison on these two? I can get the xb40's for $40 and the ex310's for $60. I've had the xb40's before and I liked them but they were just a little bit too bass heavy. I'm hoping that the ex310's can draw out the mids ad highs better as well as having a more controlled...
  8. chaostheory1980

    best in-ear earbuds for under £40

    can anyone suggest a good pair of phones for under £40 they have to be either earbuds or in-ear, music types:   rock metal chill   they need to have a decent bass response..   all suggestions welcom!
  9. omerbr

    looking for some new IN-EARS

    im sory about my english right now english is not my first lang so.... sorry and i hope you will get what im saying any whay i want to get an player i didnt decide about the player right now but i think its going to be mayby the sandisk sansa clip plus becous he can play FLAC wich is my hole...
  10. sn0wday

    Pick me a pair of IEM's from the Bestbuy website.

    I can't order online, and bestbuy is really the only audio shop around.   SonyMDR310? Sennheiser Massive Bass?   100$ max I'd say, 60 70 bucks would be nice
  11. Sony MDR-310LP Core Series Stereo Headphones

    Sony MDR-310LP Core Series Stereo Headphones

    Sony's worldwide reputation for creating unique, attractive, high-quality, advanced technology products rests on a long line of innovations embraced by people from all walks of life. With a diverse product lineup serving a variety of lifestyles and industries, Sony continuously strives to...