1. vegetaleb

    What are the best BT IEM under 50$?

    Hello! I am searching for affordable BT IEMs but with good sound quality and functions (vol +-,tracks,play/pause buttons) To use with my HTC M8 (BT 4.0 and APTX compatible) I have found the Sony SBH-20 to be a good solution as I can plug my RE-272 to get BT + very good sound quality, though...
  2. SlippedWolf

    Sony Ericsson Zylo W20, a Walkman phone

    Anybody here owning Sony Ericsson Zylo W20? I read a review on that the phone has very great audio quality, the minus is just it has low volume. And it can plays FLAC and AAC. I bought this phone on May, 18. Personally I love this Walkman phone. The stock earbud is disappointing...
  3. macmiller83

    iPod vs Droid sound quality?

    Hi guys when I got my iPod Touch last year I wan't really into music, only had a hundred songs and used skull candies (haha).  Recently I've really gotten into music and my collection is getting a lot bigger so I'm going to get some a-jays/a50s/SRH440s/K518s. I have an 8gb iPod because of how...
  4. Sony Ericsson Handsfree Earbud Headset - HPB-20

    Sony Ericsson Handsfree Earbud Headset - HPB-20

    This lightweight solution frees up your hands to manage your calls with an answer/reject button for simplicity and earpiece holder for easy storage. This headset is compatible with the following Sony Ericsson phone models: A2218z / A2618s / A2618sc / A3618sc / A2628s / A2628sc / A2638sc /...