1. Malefoda

    Half murdered Sony D-303: help me to save her! (and me!)

    Hi there,   short story, I've found a cheap D-303 on fleaBay, even if not in mint shape it was sold as fully working. It's not, 9V DC adapter does not power up the beast :'( Not so cheap after all. I'm more than sad, I'm feeling cheated, can hardly sit on a chair...   I've tried to...
  2. burns46824

    Headphone Amp Suggestions for Sony D-303?

    Hi.  I have a Sony D-303 and Sennheiser HD 650 headphones.  I think the headphone output sounds great, but I've heard it suggested that I'd get an even better sound if I got a portable headphone amplifier to use with the optical output of the D-303.   If this is true, do you guys have any...
  3. cscott23

    IC: Vintage PCDP DCP-150, D-211(2), D-33, D-25s, D-303

    I have an old collection that I haven't used in about ten years. I'd like to get rid of them as a lot.   It is safe to assume that they all need tracking adjustments, except for the 303 which just stopped working IIRC (could be just a door swtich). None are mint. Minor scratches. No...
  4. Podtweaker

    Vintage Sony Discman:Which ones to look for

    Hi all, being new to this forum I was wondering if someone could point me toward which of the older portable CD players to look for with sound quality as my top criteria ? Thanks
  5. picklgreen

    what is the best sounding discman (or portable cd player)

    Im wondering what your is a great sounding portable cd player. All i have ever owned is sony but have not bought one since the mid 90's. Are they any good? Like the D-EJ2000 any good? Seems to me for $159.95 i shouldnt expect much ( but i...
  6. 3602

    Portable system picking up RF/EMI

    So yesterday I picked up an old D-33 Discman. I line-out this thing to a HeadRoom Portable Micro Amp using a DIY cable. Yeah, don't ask how I manage to bring such a huge, heavy, no-shock resistant thing outside. Anyway. Aside from the usual "What the eff is he holding in his hands" look, I...
  7. Ragouki

    Sony Dynamic Normalizer?

    Should i use it on my walkman? Does it just effect volume or does it also compress the dynamic range?
  8. d052057

    Sony D-303 Portable CD player - SKIP and SKIP...

    My Sony D-303 skips alot if I put it flat on a table.  However, I tilt it 45 degree, it works just fine.  I've seen people have same issues as mine but they did say how they fix it.  Can any one share this information with me.  Please reply to my email
  9. OIC

    Do you collect PCDPs? Am I the only one?

    I am an avid collector (since 2003) and have in my possession pretty much all the PCDPs I ever wanted (sans Denon DCP-150). I even own the rare D-311 Gold & Silver (Limited 3,000) and the rarest of all PCDPs, the D-626; which you can plug your headphones to a remote unit and listen to it...
  10. tjsb

    CD player with good sound

    Can anyone tell me of a player that sound better than most of the stuff out there.What would be nice is one with bass and treble and no need for a amp. Thanks for the help
  11. aeberbach

    Need Sony D-303 Discman service manual PDF

    Well I found one thread from 2006 where someone was kind enough to post the D-303 service manual on rapidshare - but the link is dead, as you would expect so many years later. I have found the D-88 and D-515 manuals via google but D-303 is nowhere to be found.    I'm excited about this -...
  12. Sony d 303 discman

    Sony d 303 discman

    Portable CD-player.