1. madnanny1

    sony nw-a806

    hello out there does anyone own or have any opinions about the sony nw-a806,its an old model  i know but have just bought one (used,very good condition).sound quality is very good to me of uses sonic stage which is a pain,ie loading quality is brilliant,usual sony
  2. Ceiltsei

    Portable for Massive Collection

    I have a massive collection of music that I would love to take to work.. but I feel like I would need to take a suitcase of players with me.   Currently I own a Sony A806 which has 4gb of memory and it sounds absolutely amazing.. but I have to constantly change the music due to whichever...
  3. Sony A806

    Sony A806

    Great sound from bundled headphones; superb, lightweight design; high-quality video; useful equalizer functions; long battery life.