1. philip145123

    Sol republic Ultra's Or Sol Republic Hd's

    I really like the look of Sol Republic Ultra's But I heard that it lacks some bass compared to the Hd's I really like the beats sound and their bass will the ultra's offer me the same bass ?  Or should i just grab the Sol Republic Hd's I usually listen to music like Eminem and Pendelum and i...
  2. philip145123

    Sol Republic Hd Or Sol Republic Ultra?

    I Can't decide which to get and i'd love to be able to try them but i cant so i'm here to ask for your opinion on the headphones I love the bass on the Beats Solos Hd and the sounds it makes. Will The Sol Republic Ultra Tracks offer me the same Sound as the Beats solo Hd's? or even better 
  3. uffen90

    Experience from users/recommendation

    Hi there. Anyone got any experience with Pioneer SE-MJ751I Reloop rhp-20 prof. Dj Harman Kardon CL Bose® AE2i Sol Republic track ultra Sol Republic Master Track I listen to all kinds of rock music. Which of these are the best? I will be using them on the go, and therefore they have to be...
  4. Tom22

    good sounding, stylish, comfortable, isolating on ear headphone, is it possible?

    i don't have a lot of experience with headphones, i currently have the noontec zoros and the monoprice 8320s. i both for difference reasons   i loved neutral sound, looks and comfort of the noontecs but the isolation is just not enough for me being the heavy commuter that i am.(also its...
  5. labrower17

    What is your opinion on Sol Republic?

    For $100, $120, and $180 USD what is your opinion on the Sol Republic Tracks, Tracks HD, Tracks Ultra?
  6. SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Ultra On-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic (Blue)

    SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Ultra On-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic (Blue)

    Tracks Ultra are the first interchangeable headphones to deliver incredible sound, style and technology.  Powerful Sound You Can FeelFeaturing V12 Sound Engines, Tracks Ultra deliver the true clarity of instruments, vocals and bass so you can feel the power of your music. Listen In Comfort Our...