1. AvidlyEclectic

    SOL Republic Tracks HD (Review)

    SOL Republic Tracks HD (Review) I've always wondered why everyone here at Head-fi, regardless of brand, are prejudiced against "fashion" headphones. I was one of those people too until I got a pair of these Tracks HDs. Build As you would have read in other reviews, the whole Tracks line stands...
  2. philip145123

    Sol republic Ultra's Or Sol Republic Hd's

    I really like the look of Sol Republic Ultra's But I heard that it lacks some bass compared to the Hd's I really like the beats sound and their bass will the ultra's offer me the same bass ?  Or should i just grab the Sol Republic Hd's I usually listen to music like Eminem and Pendelum and i...
  3. philip145123

    Sol Republic Hd Or Sol Republic Ultra?

    I Can't decide which to get and i'd love to be able to try them but i cant so i'm here to ask for your opinion on the headphones I love the bass on the Beats Solos Hd and the sounds it makes. Will The Sol Republic Ultra Tracks offer me the same Sound as the Beats solo Hd's? or even better 
  4. gshadow

    SOL Republic Tracks HD or Monster Inspiration or Beats Studio HD?

    Hi there,   I'm a pretty noob head-fier and just started getting into the world of audio and just wondering out of these 3 headphones, which ones should I get?:   - Monster Inspiration (also considered the Purities) - SOL Republic Tracks HD - Beats Studio HD   I know i've read...
  5. yonatannn

    Which headphones matches my requrements?

    Hi, I'm searching for a long time for headphones which can match my requirement, would be glad to hear some advice. My requirements: 1. Overhear/Onear Shape - since I spend much time in noisy trains, I prefer onear or overear phones that can isolate my music from the external noise. 2...
  6. Knucklez09

    Best "non" studio monitoring headphones

    I'm looking to spend $100-150.. 200 at the MOST for some good headphones that aren't necessarily monitors. I want some good overhead headphones for listening to mostly bass heavy music. I know the audio technica and some other monitors would be ideal, but I want my music to sound "good" and not...
  7. iNeedOpinions

    Recommendations for some good in ear headphones PLEASE

    All right well I wanted to know your guys' opinions. I'm looking to buy some new headphones after my Klipsch image s4i gave out on me. I'm looking to spend under $90. I usually listen to music such as: rock(Beatles), hip hop, pop, some dubstep. So I pretty much listen to mostly everything except...
  8. jayendran

    Tracks HD mic and buttons with Android

    Hi there,       Can owners of the Tracks HD headphones confirm if the in-line mic works with Android phones? The box says the mic works with Droids, however, I Googled to find conflicting reports.       I'm aware that the control buttons work only with "i"-centric devices.      ...
  9. Immortalmuso

    Headphone comparison. (Noontec Zoro or Sol Republic Tracks HD

    hello there,   which headphone would suit me best. I listen to all genres.   The headphones are the:   The Sol Republic track hd Noontec Zoro   Please do not reccommend any other headphones i am only interested by one of the posible two that I listed.         IMMORTALMUSO
  10. PaulExcellent

    Beyerdynamic EDT 250 Pads?

    While waiting for my JVC HA-S500s, I have decided to change my Sol Republic - Tracks HD to make them better, as they have a sentimental value to me. My plan was to implement new ear cushions to get them the comfort of a  full-size headphone, and the size of a portable headphone.  ...
  11. Tom22

    Having trouble finding a sub $100 headphone. Please help!

    Hi there, i'm a student commuting on the subway and train everyday for about 3 hours. i'll need good noise isolation, to block out ambient noise. i'm looking for a pair of headphones under $100, that have a slightly modern look to them. i'm currently using the monoprice 8323s, their great but...
  12. fliptopz


    hello!i was browsing thru d net and i stumbled here as i was researching about a good i was reading some of the threads here it intrigued me and i want to start a new hobby.i own the shure e215 and it was good! now im thinking of getting a new pair of torn between the...
  13. honest-ears

    Soul Vs Sol. What to Get???

    I've been wanting a new pair of phones to replace my crappy Skullcandy's for a while now. At first I really wanted Beats, but after looking at them and listening to them and the price tag, i decided to go down a different path. I looked at many brands and found two or three headphones I liked. I...
  14. labrower17

    What is your opinion on Sol Republic?

    For $100, $120, and $180 USD what is your opinion on the Sol Republic Tracks, Tracks HD, Tracks Ultra?
  15. Kosmik Panda

    Best basshead cans for 110?

    I got the HD439 not to long ago and they just dont have enough bass for me. So what is a great basshead can for about 110? I would like over or on ear I already have some good IEM's. Looking at SOL Republic Tracks HD (I can get them used with extra headband and wire for 110) I don't know any...
  16. allanes5

    Noob seeking advice

    I´ve been reading quite alot to the point I´m confused about which headphones to buy.   My interest in music is very big and love to hear the best possible sound I can find.   I´m interested in neutral or a little bassy sound.   Music I listen to is dance, lounge, chill, classic rock...
  17. amipat01

    Vmoda M80 vs Beats Solo HD

    Please don't hate on me until you read! I currently own a pair of ATH-M50 that I have recently purchased. The sound is great and all but they are just too heavy and I find them a bit uncomfortable. I also now realize I want portability. I am considering the Vmoda M80 but people have been saying...
  18. kreashion

    Need help buying my first pair of good headphones.

    Alright, so I've been looking around and I've had trouble finding anything that is specific enough for my problem. I've a old ass iPod Classic and a 4th gen iPod Touch, both of which I listen to a silly amount of electronica and alt rock and indie rap on. It's is almost all electronica though...
  19. achandy

    Which headphones should I get?

    I'm thinking about either getting the Sennheiser HD 280 which is the cheapest at $80 The Audio Technica ATH M50 which I've heard about a lot and it's about $130...
  20. evmatt21

    Looking for over ear strong bass headphones help please

    I am looking for a pair of good strong bass headphones but aren't very muddy. I have been looking at the audio technica WS70 Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphonesand the ath50, beyerdynamics dt 880 (250 omh) and 770s, ultrasone hifi 580, any other suggestions? Like to stay around $200 and not really...
  21. joshuaboodram1

    On Ear headphones with line in mic for galaxy s2?

    hey guys, just signed up! i'm lookin for a headphone for my sg2 with a line in mic... i want it to be stylish aswell i'm lovin the look of the akg q460s the sol republic hds and the beats solo... i'm lovin the akgs the most. it has a mic and volume controls..according to websites the controls...
  22. fear123


    I turned the forum upside down. I just can't find the right headphones for me. The price range must be around 130$, further I wouldn't like to go.   I was checking the SOL republic tracks regular and HD, the sennheiser HD25-sp II, Pioneer HDJ500W and more. I'm searching for something...
  23. Extreme01459

    Suggestions for a fashionable sub $200 bass-heavy/fun portable headphones?

    As the title says I'm looking for a pair of portable headphones with these requirements:   * Less than $200   * Aesthetically pleasing (to wear out in public, on college campus, and such)   * I mainly listen to k-pop with the occasional hip-hop, pop, and dubstep   * I'm bass lover myself...
  24. johnguyen

    Indecisive person needs help :(

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new here and I am need of help because I am too indecisive.   As of my choices, I can't decide between: Sol Republic Tracks/Tracks HD, Sennheiser 429, Sennhesier 439, Sennheiser 449, and the Bose AE2.   Music I listen to: I generally listen to a wide variety of music...
  25. Grands1ayer

    headphones in the $100 area

    Im looking for headphones in the $100 range that have good isolation and sound. I was looking at the akg k181 dj akg k81 dj shure shr 440 audio technica m-50 sennheiser 280 SOL republic track so far ive only looked at these. More suggestions would be welcome and please no semi open...