1. C

    Shanling M2X Update 2.5 Issue

    Hoping someone can help, has anyone had an issue with the software update version 2.5 preventing the player connecting via USB to transfer music??
  2. J

    Mostly zero effort music tagger, namer and identifier.

    Hi, so I've realised if I was to categorise all my music with album art, lyrics, featured artists etc, it would take me about three days of non stop work as I have about 480 albums that need to be processed. I have used Bliss hq, which is pretty great except that, apart from getting album the...
  3. BounceHouse420

    Is there any software I can buy that will improve my listening experience?

    Software that provides features like bass boost, virtual surround, sound equalization, bass management, and possibly others. My audio setup is a desktop with a Sound Blaster Rx/5 sound card which is hooked up to an amplifier and a 5.1 speaker system (I am also saving up for headphones my...
  4. AthenaZephyrian

    TrueFi "calibration" mini-review

    TrueFi is a program that purports to generate a flat sound. For the most part, it does--maybe a bit too flat, in fact. It wildly boosts bass on cans with a lot of rolloff (e.g. HE400i), which seems to muddy the sound a bit. Most audiophiles don't like strong bass for this reason, but like...
  5. theaudiologist


    Hey there. I have a linux distro called nitrux OS running on my Macbook pro (based off ubuntu with KDE Plasma home). so one day I connect my external hard drive to my computer, and listen through ANY music player and NOTHING comes out. on deadbeef, i have to resample to 48khz max to be able to...
  6. Draaftlore

    Help with equalization

    I bought a set of iSine10 from audeze and I intend to use the personalized audio setting on my Samsung Galaxy s7 to equalize the sound signature more to my hearing. It plays a beep tone at different sound levels and asks if you can hear it and adjusts the EQ to match. Is there something online...
  7. Grow

    Silenz for Mac - a smart mixer of your music and sounds of the outside world

    Hi! I'm Grzegorz and I'd like to introduce you to Silenz - my indie Mac app, which I have been working on for the last two years. Silenz is an app dedicated to headphones users who listen to music as a way to keep focused. It's a media controller and audio analyser which can react to the...
  8. BounceHouse420

    Is there any software that will auto-select the sample rate and bit depth based on the song/game?

    My Sound Blaster Audigy Rx/5 came with a default of 16 bit, 48,000 Hz, but I changed it to 24 bit, 48,000 Hz. I was just curious if there was a piece of software that would know what settings were best when. (BTW I know little about sample rate and bit depth so I apologize if this was a stupid...