smsl su-8s
  1. S.M.S.L SU-8S

    S.M.S.L SU-8S

    Product highlights ESS ES9068AS DAC chip DSD512 support PCM 32bit/768kHz Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth supports aptX, aptX HD, SBC, AAC XMOS 16 core processor Full MQA support Three inputs: USB, optical, coax, Bluetooth Two outputs: RCA, XLR All audio inputs support DSD CNC aluminum alloy shell...
  2. shenzhenaudio

    New arrivals season for SMSL, TOPPING, and MOONDROP

    Manufacturers have traditionally targeted the mid-year for new product launches, and SMSL, TOPPING, and MOONDROP are no exception. So let's take a look in our crystal ball and preview what's coming. 1st SMSL has established a solid reputation for providing music lovers with the best value and...