1. avilavi

    Your opinion about cables (RCA , toslink & speaker-wire)

    hello i seek for some final recommendation to complete my audio system     my speakers are MICROLAB SOLO6C. using onboard soundcard on my H77-D3H. and i want to fill their potential the budget is not very hige so the goal is VFM   i just ordered the SMSL DS-793II DAC, which has not...
  2. zemonn

    Quick intro and Question on Fiio E17 or SMSL SD-793II DAC/Amp

    New member to the Head-Fi site which seems to be a great place to read on all things portable audio.  I'm no audiophile by a long shot, but enjoy listening to a wide variety of music and found there are a plethora of ways to lighten the wallet while improving the listening experience.  I...
  3. MongolCupcake

    Will the SMSL SD-793II work with higher impedence headphones ?

    I am making an inexpensive headphone system for my bedroom and I am looking at the SMSL SD-793II DAC DIR9001+PCM1793+OPA2134 Coax/Optical Input + Headphone Amp. I will be running it from an ASUS OPLAY_MINI/1A/NTSC/AS Media Player. Most of my phones are in the 32 to 80 range but i do have a few...
  4. Lightstar385

    Will I see an improvement in SQ by upgrading to a USB DAC for my laptop's audio?

    Hey there lovely people of Head-Fi,   Like the title says, I am wondering if I should get myself a USB DAC for my laptop for general music listening. My budget is max $150.00 AUD (Australian Dollars). Interestingly enough, I decided to use RMAA (Rightmark Audio Analyzer) to test my current...
  5. Okamoto


  6. Roderick

    Most commonly used amp/dac around $40-70?

    I like trying out inexpensive headphones. My current system is bit of an overkill for headphones that cost about $50. I wan't to know what those headphones sound when paired with gear more suited to their price. So what is the amp/dac people are most likely to have as their entry level setup?  I...
  7. scootsit

    SMSL SD-793 and SD-1955 DACs

    I searched around a bit and cannot seem to find much about this DAC. It seems to be built with nicer components than the Muse Minis, but there really isn't a lot of info around. Here's a listing for it...
  8. Deicide3

    which of the following DAC's is the best by audio and built quality

    i'm looking for a dac for my headphones, and i know that amp will be overkill for them. so i decided to buy a cheap DAC that will improve the sound and my enjoyment of my music. so far i've found these dac's but dident find any review about the sound and built quality. Hifimediy Sabre USB DAC...
  9. GeneralSmirnoff

    S.M.S.L, what can you tell me about them?

    I've been looking around for quite some time for an audio solution for my desktop (Amp+Dac) that won't leave my wallet empty again but will provide much superior audio. I've been looking around and a Chinese company named S.M.S.L caught my attention. Their audio products seemed to be exactly...
  10. sog0

    Pulled out from the attic. Recommendations on how to improve this set-up.

    Hi all,   First time poster, long time lurker. My step-dad just gave me some old Hi-Fi equipment a pair of Bose 301 Series IV and an Onkyo TX 8511 2 Channel Receiver.   I keep most of my music (FLAC and Apple Lossless) on my computer. I tried hooking up through the horrible onboard audio...
  11. vic2vic

    New PC Audio setup < 100 EUR in Europe ?

    Hi, I'd like to move from my "ultra basic" 20 EUR cheap and squeaking PC speakers to some better sounding gear. I mainly listen to Post-rock music (Explosions in The Sky, Mogwai, Caspian) and my budget is max 100 EUR. I do not have a lot of space on my desk, so I cannot go for big speakers...
  12. Kevii

    Looking to start into better sounding things. Wanted some help

    Hi guys, I've been a lurker for a LONG TIME now but better sounding music has been one of the things I've wanted to get into for a long time. My budget is...well it really depends; right now its not much but by December I could probably spend alot more. I just want a starter setup.   To...
  13. Mizicke5273

    DAC to pair with TubeMagic A1 & DT880s

    Hey all, new to the forums and high-end headphones.  I recently upgraded to my current audio setup in August and September.  Did a lot of reading on here before I decided on the A1 for my amp.  The Beyers were pretty much decided on from the start, just read so many good things about them.  I've...
  14. topsbew

    Headphone amp for DT770 80ohm?

    Hi all,   I'm looking for a headphone amp for my Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohms. I assume that I will benefit from having a headphone amp. I want to make full use of my headphones, and I'm guessing a headphone amp will help with this.   I use my DT770s with my desktop computer. My desktop has...
  15. headphonatic

    UD D100 vs dac destroyer vs odac or anything under $150

    Which has a better value? Left my destroyer in China. I'm shooting for a clean sound. Thanks
  16. TomatoTen

    do amps have built in sound cards?

    probably a stupid question. but if i buy an amp, do i need to buy an external usb sound card to attach to it if my onboard audio is terrible?
  17. TomatoTen

    cheap usb sound/card + amp for beyer dt770 pro 80 ohms?

    hi. i plan on getting the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 80 ohms...   my asus mobo has bad onboard audio, so i plan on getting an external usb sound card (i'm running a mITX build so my only pci slot is taken by my gfx card)   i also am thinking about getting an amp for the beyers also. any...
  18. djaiss

    Looking for a DAC - price range 150-300$

    Hello there,   I've been browsing this forum for a few days now. I'm looking for the best possible DAC for a budget in the range of 150$-300$, and there seems to be so many possible alternatives that I'm completely lost.   One year ago I wanted to enter into the world of audiophiles. My...
  19. SMSL SD-793II

    SMSL SD-793II

    S.M.S.M SD-793II is the upgrade version DAC for SMSL SD-793 DAC.It added built-in headphone amplifier function based on the original design of the former version Sd-793. --It adopts the top-level digital receiver chip DIR9001,it can receive up to 24bit/96K signals.DIR9001 is famous for its...