1. ilikepooters

    WORST headphone you ever heard?

    I know we strive for the best in sound quality, but in looking for that alot of people around here must have come across some of the worst sounding equipment too.   iPod earbuds don't count, or the Dre Beats, they're too commercial, and that dead old horse has been flogged and turned into...
  2. kiteki

    [kiteki review] Skullcandy Aviator | Skullcandy G.I. | Skullcandy HESH | Skullcandy Icon | SKULLCANDY UPROCK

            I listened from left to right.   The first two are Aviators, the third is a G.I., the fourth is a Hesh, and the Icon isn't pictured (it portable, light and small).     The Aviators look cool, yes, they LOOK COOL. They sound a bit dissonant.   The G.I. clamps...
  3. bmeat

    isolation for drumming

  4. Ballista

    Earphones ~$25

    Hey, I'm looking for earphones for under under $25. I'm gonna be using these for running outside, so I'm looking for decent sound isolation or noise reduction (whichever works better for outdoors). I'm not looking for anything special in the sound quality margin, but I prefer clear sound with...
  5. XenoPenguin

    ATH M50 Questions

    Hi everyone, before I start, I'd like to mention that I ramble. A lot. If you can't tell already. Also, I have a ton of questions... so this might be a lot of reading.   So, after a few days/weeks of researching for a good pair of headphones under $200, I found the ATH M50s. I've pretty much...
  6. HairPhones

    Headphones bass capabilities through specifications?

    Hey everyone. New kid here interested in learning more about what he wears to school everyday.   I have a question: If you could, how do you tell how much bass a pair of headphones have to offer? I've read that, to state a few examples, that Skullcandy & beats & whatnot offer great...
  7. ytisawfulnow

    Had a listen to the Beats today....

    After hearing so much from 10-16 year olds about how amazing these headphones were i decided to check them out, this was my reaction:   For a long time i considered those earbuds that come with iPod's or the Skullcandy skullcrushers to be the worst headphones i've ever listened to... I am...
  8. NoAudio

    Buying first set of headphones

    Hey guys,   BRIEF INTRO:   ====================================================   I am looking to buy my first set of headphones.  I love music. I like listening to piano pieces, instrumentals, celine dion, songs like "you raise me up", that kind of stuff. (I'm not sure what that...
  9. iElmer

    Thoughts on the Numark Red Wave headphones

    Saw one for the first time today at the food court at the local mall,  girl had one around her neck.  Nice looking cans, but how does it sound?  It must suck since Numark did  not post any tech specs on their website.  Discuss.
  10. asher286

    URGENT: SKDY Aviators or AKG k99

    I'm new to high quality headphones, actually im gonna buy my first pair, so wich would be better: SKDY aviators or akg k99?? and please tell why. thank you all.
  11. classicalman114

    Skullcandy Skullcrushers---REAL Subwoofers???

    I was once considering to purchase a pair of Skullcandy Skullcrushers, but after reading myriads of reviews, I have come to the conclusion that the so-called "subwoofers" that the cans are built with aren't even actual ones at all. Is that true? Are there any headphones that truly do have...
  12. reginalb

    My local Best Buy sells really good headphones - who knew?

    So, my BB has all the usual suspects, they have a few decent pairs of Sonys, the bottom end Sennheisers, and the headphones available to sample are Beats (all of them), and a pair of skullcandys. However, the back of the local Best Buy also has an "Instrument Center," or something like that...
  13. zigalayho

    Need serious input from true audiophiles...

            Okay - like many others, I finally decided to dip my toe in the proverbial sea of audiophilia. What I found was a hodge-podge of differing opinions and ideas. So anyway, I had decided that I was going to pan it down to a few ideas and find a place to try them out, right? Wrong.    ...
  14. EpicPoptartPuma

    Help on buying bassy headphones.

    I'm new to this site and being ignorant in headphones I nearly bought skullcandy skullcrushers. So what I need help with is finding a good set of headphones that are good with rock, alternative, and dubstep. I like tight bass that is very clean and prominent. Price range is anything under $100...
  15. RevAmped

    Beats Studio or V-Moda Crossfade

    I'm new to Head-fi and I need help deciding which headphones to get. I don't care about value just need to decide between the two Thnx
  16. K

    Just got the Skullcandy 2xl Shakedown in the mail today.

      I bought it direct from the store through Ebay for $7.99   I was pretty surprised to see a 3.5 jack on it (I can now play my Bass without disturbing anyone lol)   So far I tested it out on Tedashii "He Lives", it sounds very damp, everything sounds pretty muddled. Right now I'm...
  17. IgnantChief

    Nixon Whips???g

    Thinking about getting the Nixon Whips, wicked sick looking headphones.  My main question is are they better than the Ipod stock headphones??  Those are really the only headphones ive ever used.  Also, are there any headphones similiar to the Whips (around $50) that are better??
  18. mainstream180

    Skullcandy SK Pro DJ vs Sony MDR-7506 headphones?

    Hi I currently have Skullcandy GI's and though they are pretty good I want to try something that offers better isolation from outside noise and doesn't leak as much sound to the outside world. I am a fan of the heavy GI's bass emphasis, but I understand that they're pretty piss poor when...
  19. Parall3l

    Knock off SKULLCANDIES (yeah thats right)

    So i was looking at for cheap headphones for a small DIY project, and I came across something that just made me laugh   Kullcand ? Really? this isn't even a fake of...
  20. ytisawfulnow

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 bass response question.

    I know that i've already posted... Possibly over a million threads with questions about these cans but on headphonic it describes them as: "Arguably one of the best sounding sub-$200 closed models, the M50 are easy to drive and feature a fairly bassy sound. Isolation levels are good overall...
  21. king-dano

    Nice looking headphones under 130 bucks?

    Yo, I would like to buy a nice pair of headphones. I want them to be good loking and sleek. It doesnt matter if they will be over or on ear, but I want them to block outside noise weel cause I am going to listen to theese on the bus or in the city. Also I would like some good overall sound...
  22. bjj03729

    Klipsch Image S4??

    This is my first post, I just joined today after I purchased a pair of Klipsch Image S4's. I've been reading reviews on this site and on others for a couple months now, and today I finally decided to purchase them. All the reviews I've seen were pretty positive, and I was excited to get them in...
  23. greendream

    What to expect from a £30 price difference?

    In my quest for some good portable closed back headphones I found two intriguing Audio-Technica models... There's the ATH-FC700 (~£50) and the ATH-ES55BK (~£80).   Now both are closed, and both are well reviewed (although, interestingly, it's harder to find the ES55 for sale?), so now I am...
  24. Oredob

    Moving on from skullcandy, will i feel the difference?

    I have some Skullcady Titan and I'm planning to buy new headphones but I really can't decide, I was thinking maybe the Sennheiser HD202 because of the great comments it had but as soon as I got into this website I kept reading nothing but bad comments, those also mentioned the Koss PortaPro to...
  25. wumbo123

    Help a first time buyer

    Hey guys as i said in the title it will be my first time buying good quality headphones and venturing away from skullcandy earbuds. Anyway my budget is under $160 but that is a little bit flexible. I will be listening to hip hop/rap and dubstep so i would like a good bass.