1. xxx1313

    FS: Norne Silvergarde S3 for ZMF, Audeze, Empyrean, HEDDphone (EU)

    I am only selling this great flagship silver cable from Norne Audio, because I have no matching headphones left. The Silvergarde S3 cable is 1.5m (5ft.) long, with 6.3mm Oyaide connector and with mini-XLR plugs for headphones from ZMF, Audeze, Meze Empyrean, HEDDphone etc. I am the second owner...
  2. mightytison

    Norne Silvergarde 3 6ft XLR Balanced **SOLD**

    This is a 6ft Norne Silvergarde 3 with the new Eidolic Peerless 4 pin XLR balanced connector. The headphone connectors are the mini XLR used in Audeze, Meze and I believe some ZMF. This cable with the options it has at this length retails for $869 plus shipping. I will cover PP fees and...
  3. Norne Silvergarde S3 balanced cable for HD800

    Norne Silvergarde S3 balanced cable for HD800

    From the manufacturer: "A fully unique and unparalleled "pure textile" multi-core layered design utilizing a culmination of all we have learned in our 8+ year history specifically focused on headphone cable design. In this longer experience with dedication to only the best materials and design...