1. Armament

    WTB: Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 or Black Dragon V2 cable for Audeze LCD headphones

    Hello. Looking for either of these two cables. PM me if you have one for sale! Looking for a seller in the US preferably. Thanks. FOUND
  2. Alcophone

    [SOLD] FS: Schiit Jotunheim (amp only, 115V, US plug, silver)

    I'm selling my Schiit Jotunheim because I no longer have use for it. Still happily using my other one, though! Just the amp (without any modules), 115V, US plug, silver. I'm the first owner, bought it in November of 2017. Comes in original packaging, with manual and power cord. Free silver...
  3. Cloudtastrophe

    2-pin BTG Starlight SPC Cable

    Looking to sell my BTG Audio Starlight custom cable. It is a silver plated copper cable with .78mm 2-pin connector that fits most IEMs like Noble, Empire Ears, etc. Terminated in single-ended 3.5mm The cable is in fantastic condition. It works perfectly and does not cut out or anything. I am...
  4. Han Sound Audio Redcore OCC silver + OCC copper cable

    Han Sound Audio Redcore OCC silver + OCC copper cable

    The Redcore is a cable that is designed and made exclusively for Singapore and only available through Music Sanctuary. With a combination of OCC silver and OCC copper wiring, with double insulation of TPE and TPEE, providing a unique shielding effect of the wiring. The wires are then twisted by...
  5. Coolzo


  6. fuhransahis

    Norne Therium (2-Pin, 2.5mm) Silver (C)IEM Cablr

    Hello, Selling my Norne Therium pure silver cable. Barely used it as I bought it a while ago in anticipation of getting a CIEM, but when I did, I ended up needing a 4.4mm termination. Normally takes a few months to get these built, current retail price is $284.99, Second owner, bought from...
  7. Benz-Fi

    WTB: Silver 0.78mm 2 pin iem cable 3.5mm

    I am looking for an upgrade cable with 2 pin, 3.5mm termination, se or balanced. Ear hooks/ear guides are a plus but not a must. Looking for high end copper, silver or quality hybrid. Please pm your offers.
  8. WilsonT90

    Withdrawn: Silver Dragon v3 AKG K872 - 1/4", Exo Series pure silver balanced 3.5mm trrs MMCX

    Hi, I have for sale an plussoundaudio exoseries iem balanced cable that is pure silver. MMCX to 3.5mm TRRS I have the box invoice etc as I purchased last year 5ft length. Look for 150 USD buyer also pays PP + Shipping (Original purchase price was $325 USD not including import and pp fee so...
  9. WilsonT90

    SOLD Etymotic Research ER4SR

    Hi, I have purchased both the er4sr and have the invoice as proof. ER4SR has very little use and will have all accessories still. 99% unused as original tips and filters still on iem. Graph etc all provided. Looking for $250 for ER4SR. I'm located in Canada but will ship anywhere. You pay pp...
  10. Rico613

    Interest Check -- Eddie Current 4-45 AMP with extras

    I will be selling my fantastic EC 4-45 Amp in the coming months. The 4-45 approaches the EC Studio in clarity and spaciousness to my ears, but at a more attractive price*. The EC 4-45 amp is definitely a step up from the EC Balancing Act (which is one fabulous amp). My model 45 has a two...
  11. Jazzi

    SOLD: Surfcable 2-pin for Sony WM1Z/A (4.4 connector)

    I've got more cables than I know what to do with, so I'm offering up this silver plated copper cable made by Surfcables for my Sony WM1Z. Cable is 2-pin (092 type), with 4.4 connector. Comes with black zipper case. Cable is lightly used and in mint condition. Asking $75, Paypal. Free...
  12. Mad Cable ReMSG

    Mad Cable ReMSG

    Mad Cable is a new cable maker from Hong Kong, who offers splendid products for fair prices. The ReMSG is one of two cables of the new flagship series. It consists of 8 wires in total, while 4 are ultra pure UP-OCC silver and 4 are gold plated copper. This hybrid configuration offers all the...
  13. theUKMrT


    *** SOLD ***
  14. ptolemy2k6

    ****sold**** 10ft Pure Silver 8-way Braided Audeze XLR Balanced Headphone cable

    I am selling a 10ft cable. It's 8 way, individually sleeved cable. Pure silver, i believe 26awg or 28awg cable. Very flexible (as far as way braid goes). It was made by Ela Audio (ebay store which sold many cables + pure silve interconnects. I own few of them and they are very very good). and is...
  15. rantng

    SOLD FS: Rhapsodio Silver Litz 2-pin balanced cable

    Like the title says. 2-pin, 2.5mm balanced termination. Sounds great, but a little too stiff for me & I don't really use balanced anymore. The 2-pin connection on these seem to be a really tight fit on my current 2-pin IEMs, including the Noble K10, CustomArt Harmony 8.2 & Vibro Labs earphones...
  16. fuhransahis

    [SOLD] DHC Symbiote V3 (MMCX, 2.5mm Balanced)

    Hello, Selling my Double Helix Cables Symbiote v3 cable, 2.5mm balanced, mmcx connectors. Pristine condition, my favorite IEM cable that I've tried by far (compared to ALO SPC LItz, ALO Ref 8, Impact Audio Cables Type 6 Copper Litz). Selling as I'm moving to over-ears. Second owner - cable...
  17. Jmop

    ALO Pure Silver mini-mini 3.5 Interconnect

    Great shape. Shipping and PayPal on me.
  18. theUKMrT


  19. theUKMrT


    Also for sale: Moon Audio Silver Dragon iem cable - 2 pin, 3.5mm se - £75
  20. canister

    FS: Silver Dragon V3 for Ether/ Ether Flow

    Selling a 10 ft Silver Dragon V3 bought new from Moon Audio in Jan 2016. This cable is terminated for the Ether series of headphones at one end, with a Furutech 1/4 inch stereo plug at the other. A bit of the black paint on the stereo plug has come off; otherwise, this cable is in excellent...
  21. felix3650

    Norne silver interconnect cable 1/8" to 1/8"

    It's a 4inches long interconnect made from pure silver wire and Rhodium Eidolic 3.5mm angled plugs. Cable carrying pouch included. Since I sold all my audio gear for medical funds I won't be using it anymore. Shipping and paypal included. Sold!
  22. ra990

    2m Silver plated PCOCC cable for Sennheiser HD800/S

    I bought this cable a while ago and it's just been sitting there, brand new in the original box. Looking to sell it if anyone wants. It sounds at least as good as the original, if not better. I bought it for use with portable devices, but I don't really use these cans with portable devices...
  23. 3294

    Please delete this thread - thanks!

    Hi there! Finally, wuahahaha I'm able to put the Roxannes for sale on this forum! If some of you research a bit, I also have them on ebay: For the english description on the ebay announcement, please...
  24. fuhransahis

    [CLOSED] ALO SPC Litz, 3.5mm, MMCX

    Hello, Selling my extra ALO SPC Litz cable, 3.5mm SE termination, MMCX connectors. Great condition, didn't use much as I used mostly balanced. PayPal and domestic (US) shipping included. Shipping outside the US is on buyer.