1. Mikey01

    Able Planet Sound Clarity® SI500 (impressions)

    This will not be a review on the Sound Clarity® SI500. However they deserve one. This is moreover to bring some enlightenment to HeadFiers.. Recently I made a comment in another thread about buying a pair of Meelec M-Duos with dual dynamic drives after falling for Amazon review hype. I wanted...
  2. Bassheadspl

    Best Deep bass In earphones for me?

    Hi headfiers, i want to buy a in ear earphones that deliver strong thumping, deep ear drum vibrating bass, so i have done a little research of my own and was wondering which is better the HAFX1X from JVC or the Sony mdr-xb41 in earphones and if you know any that are better at producing bass then...
  3. qiqibaba

    buying JVC HA-FX101 or else for EDM listening while owning philips she3590

    Hi guys,   my first post here, hope i didnt violate any rules over here. been lurking around and reading reviews, and now i feel like having some of your thoughts.   i am listening almost exclusively to EDM, amongst which are trance, house, dubstep, etc... so the punchy powerful bass is...
  4. bentoyhk123

    Best bassy in ear headphone under$30

    Hi everyone! Im considering which earphone to buy I've thought about the Panasonic RF-HJE 450 but i want the opinion of you guys Im a bass head and I mostly hear to the J-pop I want a in ear earphone just below or as strong as the XB-500 as i have own one and i think it is great(Is it possible...
  5. belushka

    High-end IEM's Vs. High-end over ear headphones

    Do you think high end, multi BA IEMs that have 4 or more drivers per earphone like Westone4 or customs like Melody Miracle are better than high end dynamic over ear headphones like HD800 ?
  6. rock&rollfrenchfries

    able planet sound clarity series or clear harmony series. whats the difference?

    so i pulled the trigger on these last night. mine were $58 + shipping ($66 or so) what im wondering though is what the difference is between those and these...
  7. SI500 - Sound Clarity Sound Isolating In Ear Earphones w/Linx Audio and Remote/Mic - Copper

    SI500 - Sound Clarity Sound Isolating In Ear Earphones w/Linx Audio and Remote/Mic - Copper

    The SI500 Sound Clarity Noise Isolation In-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote from Able Planet provide lifelike sound in a compact and lightweight design. The headphones have a triple-element architecture with 15mm and 7mm neodymium drivers and magnetostrictive Linx Coils to provide clear audio with...