1. twiz 8

    I am going to buy some IEM"S what should i get (UNDER $200)

      Hi all i am going to get some new IEM's, having a hard and clean hitting bass is important to me, comfort is also something that these need to achieve. I am upgrading from the s4 i will not spend more than 200. i am considering DBA-02, triplefi10 i have heard compfort can be an issue but they...
  2. natashaful

    Help me Narrow my Choice!

    Hey Guys i'm new to the forums here and i need your help choosing some headphones, I've got some sound stage modded HD555's and i love them through my X-fi sound card because i can turn up the base alot, However when i use them with my HTC desire.. the base is totally gone... And i can't use...
  3. concrete

    iPhone headsets with replaceable cables - is TF10 vi the only game in town?

    First I'd like to say that I love NuForce. They are my favorite vendor, I love both the sound signature of their IEMs AND their customer support. In fact I wear their IEMs about 60 hours a week while climbing, biking and running, which means inevitable cable fatigue in about 3-4 months. I...
  4. Brooko

    REVIEW : Shure SE315 vs SE425 (+ differences with old SE420) // Shure's mid-tier IEM's

      So far on Head-fi I haven't seen anyone do a direct A/B comparison with these two IEM's, and as I have both (at the moment - but not for long), I thought I'd take the opportunity.   Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with Shure - but I am a fan of their house sound.  I started a couple...
  5. magicalhobo

    Any recommendations for the an in-ear headphone?

    I'm new to high end headphones and would like to get a nice pair of in-ear headphones for travel and the gym.   Currently, the only decent headphones I own are Sennheisers HD 448 and I'm very pleased with them. Before that I only used my 12 dollar skullcandies...   I was thinking that...
  6. DougofTheAbaci

    IEMs for use with an iPhone? Thinking Shure 315 or Etymotic HF3

    Currently, I'm using a set of Ultimate Ears 700 IEMs with my iPhone but I think I'd like to make a step to something that is a bit more integrated. Unfortunately, THE UE 700's are the second best universal fit IEMs UE makes and I don't want to take a step down.   Now, this is going to be...
  7. BTX1

    Shure SE210 VS SE215 and SE315

    I searched around the forum and internet, and couldn't find the information I needed, so I thought I had to ask here. I own Shure SE210 for about 3 years, but the cable is ripped, so I need a new set. Right now I'm looking at the new SE215 and SE315.   My question is that should I get...
  8. BTX1

    Help, from Shure SE210 to SE215 or SE315, or other IEMs

    My Shure SE210 died, need a pair of new IEMs as soon as possible.   I'm looking at SE215 and SE315 because they are the easiest that I can get my hands on.   My primary use is for on-stage monitoring through AVIOM.   I know that SE215 has dynamic drivers and SE315 has BA drivers, I'm...
  9. AudioCats

    Recommendation needed, non-custom, sound-isolating IEM that is at least as good sounding as the ER4

    must be: 1) non-custome 2) single driver (sorry, not a fan of tantalum capacitor cross-overs) 3) good sound isolation (otherwise I'd just use my Stax 001/003) 4) at least as good sounding as the ER4. 5) within $350 budget (new or slightly used).   Thanks for any ideas...
  10. cpark92808

    Sub 300 dollar earphones

    Hey guys,   I am very new to this audiophile community. I wanted to get a sub 300 dollar earphones for my graduation gift. I already have Senn Hd280, but they aren't very portable. So I am looking for earphones around 300 dollar range. Any advice? Thanks guys
  11. lweijs

    Replacing my Sennheiser CX300 II's.

    Alright, well yesterday I (for the very first time) broke a set of eargear. So I need to find a new set of IEM's, I would like to upgrade a little. I was looking at the Shure SE115, SE215 or SE315.   Originally I was looking to spend about 150AUD, which would mean I'd have to go for the...
  12. Rainman26

    Are Westone comply tips compatible with Shure SE315,425 and 535?

    Just wanted to ask if the comply tips included in westone are compatible with shure SE315?.Thanks guys!  
  13. kpoz

    Shure SE215 v. Shure SE315

    I searched the forums, including the Shure SE215 thread, but could not find an adequate comparison of the Shure SE215 and the Shure SE315. All I found is that the dynamic driver in the SE215 is more "fun" than the armature driver in the SE315. Can anyone provide me with more information? Is the...
  14. Knightsfan11

    New Headphones - Need advise

    Hi.   So I will start with some background. I am currently using an iPod. I listen to Techno, Progressive & House. So I like my music at a decent level & clean sounding. Bass is a big importance as well.   I have a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-ES7, but am looking for a good pair of In-ear...
  15. UserFriendly

    Best earphones for under $250?

    Shure SE315  or TripleFi 10?   I'm looking for good earphones under $250 , and these earphones are some of the good ones I've found. Which of these two should I buy? Or if you have a good recommendation of any other $250 and under earphones, please post :D
  16. astro21

    Shure SE535 -- which sleeves for best noise isolation?

    Hello all,   I am new to this forum.  I just graduated from Etys ER4Ps to Shure SE535s, which I find to be very good.   I'm trying to determine which sleeves to use (Shure or third-party) to obtain the best noise isolation on the SE535s.  Currently I am using the sleeves that came on...
  17. ichbinder

    Looking for durable IEMs, price range $80-$200

    Hello there. First post here cause I'm kind of stuck with my search.   A few months ago I bought Panasonic RP-JHE900-K as a special deal for about $80 from J&R Electronics. Now, only about 6 months later, the right side has cutting-offs caused by the cable. I bought them also because they...
  18. musiccraze

    Looking For A Pair of IEM's, Under $200, Fluid Bass, Noise Isolation Fit For An Airplane! Help me choose!

    New to posting on Head Fi, but have read many posts on this excellent website.   Here's my situation:   I am looking for a pair of IEM's that fits my criteria (as posted in title): - <$200  - Fluid Bass, Not loud bass like the Sennheiser IE8's - Noise Isolation to Block Airplane...
  19. roadkill

    Upgrade SE215 for a Shure fan

    I've been a Shure fan for a couple of years now and have had experience of the lower end Shure looking to now upgrade/replace. Im mainly looking at SE315 but have been considering W2's or IE7's. Further more to this ive seen the positivity of the SE215s. I prefer good isolation without lots of...
  20. ChoiceTheory

    replace SE210. westone 1, SE215, SE315

    I started with the e3c then got SE210, have loves the 210 for about 2 years.   I want an IEM with a negative profile so i can sleep more comfortably with them. The natural next purchase seems to be the SE315, but i would like to avoid the 200 mark. I am skeptical of the 215's because of the...
  21. eduard0

    IEM Help, thinking detachable wires, around 200$ budget

    Hey guys i i've been looking around for a while but i didn't join up until now. So im looking to buy  some  new iems, the last headphones i had were some S4s and i liked them, but they broke around a month after i bought them, so im looking to upgrade. Im looking for something alot more durable...
  22. skydancer

    Want to buy .. need advice.

    I'm a noob, so plz excuse the dumb question. I need advice on full-size headphones that are comfortable enough to sleep in, and can drown out external noise (but I must be able to hear the alarm or one that has that function built in - if that's even possible). I'm not really going to be...
  23. roadkill

    Recommendation in price range

    Hey finallly my older shures have given the ghost so looking a new pair of IEMs. Currently looking in the price range of SE315 or Westone 2's which is £170 in UK or just trying some IE7/8s Any thoughts i like the isolations of my old Shure's and want something with good all round performance...
  24. sno1man

    Shure Se 315- pleasantly surprised all around-impressions a 535 light..

    Hi all. Just wanted to post my opinion on these phones since they are relatively new and not many seem to have them yet.   As a bit of back ground I am a long time Ety Er4 fan as well as shure e4 user. As I talked about here, I lost my e4s recently and ended up replacing them with both a...
  25. danielghofrani

    what is better than Shure SE315 for classical music?

    Hi there folks, I am here to seek advice regarding my options for IEMs. currently I am using Shure SE315 IEMs with my Sansa clip+ playing flac files. I am rather dissapointed with the detail and transparency these IEMs have to offer. which IEM should I go for next?(budget ~500$)  Thanks