1. dozerman

    Durable IEMs for less than 100$

    Hi there, I am looking for some durable iems for 70-100$. I have been looking into Klipsch image x10's but I don't know if they are durable enough, but they seem like a good choice for the price range. I've had the ue500's and I really liked their sound but the right driver stopped...
  2. johneu94

    Which one should I buy Klipsch X10 or Shure 315?

    I'm gonna buy some new phones and Im currently deciding between Klipsch X10(85 dllrs at amazon just today) or the Shure 315 (169 at best buy)?  I listen to mostly rock and acoustic songs, I also listen to, well a bit of everything except pop. I want them to be durable cause I want bring them...
  3. blastomorpha

    need 100-120€ IEMs

    Hello there, I'm going to buy a portable AMP+DAC that I'm 99% sure will be a Fiio E17. Looking for something in the 100-120€ price range, and these feature:   - good isolation - no sound coloration, good for audio editing also - least fatiguing possible, confortable for long sessions...
  4. Destiny520

    Fiio E11

    Hi, I am a noobie about headphone, i want to ask u guys that is Fiio E11 a good choice to be with itouch 4? im using SE215 and Ue6000 right now.  i like to listen to all kind of songs as long as i think is good.  Thanks! ^^
  5. Forak

    IEM Headphone Advice

    Hi All.  Had a good look round but thought it would be better to start my own thread and see what responses I get.   Current using using my portable media via my Nano Ipod while at the Gym and my Samsung Galaxy S2 while getting from A to B, usually walking or on the bus or sitting at my desk...
  6. greggreynolds


    Hi All,  I need a little advice regarding some IEM's  I have looked on your forums at the discussions of 535 vs westone.   I found a UK website that seems to be the cheapest. I looked into the company's reviews and they are a mixed bag. Just wondered if anyone has purchased from this...
  7. Dolan Duck

    Any reccomendations for me??

    Hi all, I am looking at purchasing either one of the following:  Kilpsch Image S4i/Reference S4i  Shure SE215 Jays t-jays three Phonak Audéo Perfect Bass 012 Bose IE2 Audio-Technica ATH-CKM77 Velodyne vPulse Fischer Audio Consonance V-Sonic GR06 thinksound ms01 Creative...
  8. floatie

    Shure SE535's worth upgrading to?

    Hi everyone, first post on the forum, so completely novice on all things head-fi related..  I currently have Shure's SE315's and Monster Turbine Pro Copper's. The 315's I've had for roughly 2 years have great build quality, seem really durable so far and I like the detachable cable option...
  9. hman1001

    IEM with Great Bass + Sound Quality

    Hey guys,    Im looking for an IEM with great bass. Im new so any help would really be appreciated. Im not exactly sure if Monster Beats by Dr. Dre is actually good bass or not, but I want something with as much power and punch as the Beats. I want an IEM that has good sound quality with the...
  10. gammonflaps

    Need a replacement for my Atrio MG7s

    Hey,    My Atrio MG7s have just died after three years (had the M5 for two before the left ear gave out).   I'm looking for something which sounds similar, and is around the £100 price mark (maybe go to £150).   Also, I've emailed Future Sonic to see if they've any MG7s lying about!   So...
  11. coffeedragon

    Shure SE 315 replacement cable suggestions

    I just picked up a lightly used set of 315's to replace my VERY old but dependable SE110's.  They've got just enough hours on them to be broken in and I've got to say, I'm blown away.  However, I've got one huge gripe, the cable.   The stiff section at the IEM end of the cable is a complete...
  12. powerover

    Trying to choose between Shure SE series or the Sony XBA series

    Hi there guys,   I am new to this forum and I stand here humbly asking for your valuable opinion.   My first and only pair of headphones were Skullcandy Skull Crushers (I know, I'm sorry, but I was still a teenager then.. :P), have had them for 6 years, they finally started to crap out...
  13. kapooon

    IEM Deciding problem

    Hey head-fi'ers!   After 1 years and 11 months my Ultimate Ears 5 died on me. I still had 1 month of guarantee so I sent them back, but they couldn't repair them. They don't sell them anymore either, so I got my money back in the form of a voucher (€140), so this is a nice chance to...
  14. redbull335

    Westone 2 vs Westone UM2 vs UE Triple.FI 10 vs Shure 315

    HI people! Sorry for my English)   Help me please choose among Westone 2, Westone UM2, UE Triple.FI 10, Shure 315, or something another till 250$ (i will buy on Ebay)   Main requirements for headphones: 1) maximal soundproofing 2) multi-genre (because i listen different music, from...
  15. MrMooshroom

    Please help me choose an amazing pair of headphones!

    Hello, I am sort of new to the high end in ear headphone category,  recently I have gotten an iPhone so I want to buy the best pair of headphones for my music, phone calls, ect.    I mainly listen to rap music and rock (mainly Eminem and bands like guns n' roses).  Although I have found...
  16. Fibonacci

    Portable Headphones

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody can help me out pick a great portable headphone for commuting. My price range is from 60 to 100. The headphones I am looking at are the Vsonic GR06 Hifi man RE0 and the Shure se 215. I have the audio technica M50 and would prefer a sound close to that( I cant use...
  17. daniel521

    Is the shure se425 and se315 good for rock music?

    I heard aren't as bass heavy as others like the monster turbine pro, so are they good for rock/ guitar music? Not heavy metal, I mean like green day, red hot chili peppers, audioslave, etc.
  18. daniel521

    Monster turbine pro gold, shure se315, or sennheiser ie60?

    Im sick of my apple earbuds and I've narrowed it down to these three. Which one would fit me better? I listen to rap, party music, and rock. 
  19. Smogg

    What would Iron Man Do?

    So I hear these balanced armature (BA) headphones are pretty freakin sweet.  Is there an entry level pair that doesn't cost $300?   I adore the Klipsch x10i headphones, but I just don't have $200-300 to spend on them right now, anyone else know any BA alternatives?
  20. DiscoBurger

    Best in-ear, Iphone control (with mic), gym/jogging headphones

    So I have been perusing the forums trying to find a an answer to my "on-the-go-gym-phones" problem. I currently use the stock iPhone headphones (you know those white ones that come with the iPods)...I only use these still because they have iPhone controls and a mic on them, this feature is a...
  21. zach8278

    Shure SE215 vs Shure SE315

    What is the difference between the SE215 and the SE315? Is it worth the extra $100?
  22. Akaerna

    EPH-100, VC1000, SE315 or X10?

    Hi there, just for you guys know this is my first post. I am looking for a IEM for bassheads, under 200, and also comfortable to wear while i'm running. I have in mind: Yamaha EPH-100, VSonic VC1000, Shure SE315 and Klipsch Image X10. Which of these are more Bang for the Buck? Also, could you...
  23. thefred

    MEElectronics M6 were a disaster! (short review)

    Hello all,  I'd thought I'd share my moody opinion on these earphones. There are lots of good reviews already about the design which I like very much, however I was quite appalled at the sound quality.   (Just some random info - I am a classical pianist/keyboard (15years) Djembe player...
  24. Pandatail

    Bose QC20i Versus Shure SE535

    Can someone please advise me on which cans should I purchase between new Bose QC20i Noise Cancellation Earbuds and Shure SE535 Isolation earbuds?  I know how good Shure in-ear headphones are since I used to have a pair of E5C but I never had Bose before so I can't judge Bose quality.  I also...
  25. DiscoBurger

    Best $350 or under IEM with iPhone controls and mic

    I have searched and searched the forums and no one really has an answer to this. iPhone controls are a must for me, I am always on the go and I need to answer phone calls, change songs, and turn the volume up and down w.o taking my iPhone out of my pocket. I don't want to sacrifice quality to...