shure se846
  1. blogfellito11

    FS: (MINT) Shure S846 Bronze + Bluetooth Cable - Never USED **DROP PRICE

    OPEN BOX! Never used (Basically New) I opened the box myself just out for curiosity! The external box has been opened, but the headphones have never been used, I bought them by mistake On Dec 2019. They contain all the original accessories. __________________________________________ Item will...
  2. Deferenz

    [ SOLD ] Shure SE846 For Sale

    For sale is the Shure SE846 ***These are now SOLD*** This IEM should need no introduction and would be a good upgrade for someone moving up to the £800 level of IEMs. I got these in October 2019 brand new and they have had about 35 hours of use on them. I have kept these IEMs in good...
  3. JLW654

    SOLD Shure SE846

    SOLD... SOLD Black Shure SE846.
  4. JLW654

    Shure SE846 iem's

    SOLD... Black Shure SE846.
  5. N

    Shure SE846 with Dragonfly red. do i really need ifi earbuddy?

    hi everyone, i am about to get a dragonfly red this xmas. choosing this dac because of its portability. i just came across a video where a user suggested to use ifi ear buddy to maximize audio quality(bits). because phone volume control reduces audio quality if its not turned up to 100%. so i am...
  6. JLW654

    SOLD Shure SE846 Black

    SOLD Black Shure SE846
  7. H

    WTB campfire andromeda for $550 (or trade for mint shure SE846 with 4 cables)

    Title says all. If interested in a trade, I will consider putting in some cash on my end. The Shure SE846 is like new and comes complete; and would also come with a null brevity 2.5mm cable, the bt1 bluetooth cable, stock cable, and a microphone cable. Only looking for an andro in very good...
  8. JLW654

    Shure SE846 Black

    Black Shure SE846. Bought new in May 2018. Like new condition with brand new unused genuine cable and accessories, filters etc. Boxed with all that came with it when new is included. Minimal use in the home, never used outside. Will post recorded U.K. only delivery. Any questions please ask...
  9. Babulilm

    [WTB] Shure se846

    Hi Looking to buy a pair of Shure se846's, shipping to United Kingdom. Payment via PayPal. Cheers Dan
  10. Tex Irie

    For Sale: Noble Audio Kaiser 10 Universal IEM (Sold)

    I have a pair of Noble Kaiser 10 Universal IEMs for sale. The price is reduced as I do not have the original packaging. There are some minor cosmetic blemishes on the outer shellsthat can easily be concealed by a red Sharpie. I opted to sell these as they did not suit my ear shape. They haven't...
  11. duaned

    Shure SE846 Bronze new with assorted tips and balanced cable

    I have a pair of Shure SE846 IEM's in Bronze with a stack of additional tips ( westone, comply, spinfit ) to suit as well as a 4.4mm Balanced MMCX cable. Original purchase receipt supplied for the full warranty.
  12. rantng

    SOLD - FS - Shure SE846 blue & gold w/extra right side (please read)

    Started out as a blue Shure SE846. I hadn't used these in some time, but popped them in the other day and noticed the right side had developed issues w/the MMCX connection. Sound sometimes cuts out, but it works with some cables depending on positioning. You're welcome to take a crack at fixing...
  13. bzxfire40

    (Sold)FS: Shure se-846 clear IEM in ear monitors

    Asking $500 (fees and shipping included). Purchased these new off of amazon in January of 2017 (manufactured 03/27/2016). They are in excellent condition. Will come with all original accessories EXCEPT for ear tip sleeves. Also will include an extra cable with an inline mic and remote to use...
  14. deafmutelame

    Shure SE846 vs. Campfire Audio Andromeda

    If you have been able to listen (even owned?) to both IEMs, please leave your impressions about these two beasts.
  15. J

    Mmcx 120 angle iem cable for shure se846?

    Hey all, first post here. I have some shure se846 with some custom sleeves coming in and was hoping to find a new cable that doesn't plug in 180 degrees, or straight into the ear buds. I've seen this 120 degree cable that provides a more comfortable fit for the cable to wrap around your ear but...
  16. Varekai

    Shure SE846 clear

  17. GWagon

    WTB Shure SE846 (UK only)

    Looking to get my hands on a pair of well looked after Shure SE846 IEMs. Prefer to stay under £450 but have funds available for quick deal. Cheers
  18. EarG

    FS: Shure SE846

    For Sale: Pre-owned Shure SE846 + Estron Linum MMCX BaX Balanced 2.5mm TRRS plug + Orig. standard earphone accessories (Box, Pelican Hard Shell, Soft Case, Cables(2x), Filters, Unused tips, cleaning cloth, etc). Price: SOLD Shipping: UPS (Ground) Payment: Paypal only (It's on me) Pic 1: Pic...
  19. oneguy

    FS: Shure SE846 - SOLD

    As part of my downsizing efforts I am putting up for sale my SE846 IEMs and everything included in the photos below. I estimate they have 150 hours on them. Only one of the stock tips have been used. My asking price is SOLD net to me. Add in shipping and PayPal fees or send as “friends and family.”
  20. agnarr

    [WTS] SHURE SE846

    All the accessories included, not including the shipping fees
  21. Gnawbert

    [SOLD] Shure SE846 (US)

    Selling my beloved Shure SE846s (clear). Purchased in the spring of 2015. Used tenderly since, but it's time to clean out the collection. Comes with: The box Soft carrying case, 46" clear cable, and a Shure RMCE Cable + Remote Mic (black) 3 filters (blue, black, white) + wax tool Large size...
  22. Tex Irie

    Seeking to trade a Shure SE846 w/ balanced cable + Sony NW-ZX300 w/200 GB Micro SD Card for a Campfire Audio Andromeda or Westone W80

    I am seeking a trade for a Campfire Audio Andromeda or Westone W80 for the following items: 1) Sony NW-ZX300 64 GB DAP (kept in a Silicone Case with a screen protector inside a Case Logic Molded EVA Case) (Charge/Sync Cable) 1) 200 GB Micro SD Card (Sandisk) 1) Shure SE846 (with Portable...
  23. Gosod

    [SOLD]: Shure SE846 CL, Twag V2 Black.

    Hello, for sale headphones Shure SE846 CL.. They are in good condition, you can see some photos! The cable Twag V2 Black has a length of 1.1 m, comes with headphones. Shipping includes! * Headphones. * 1 Cable Twag V2 Black...
  24. RamblerBoy

    Fiio x7 mark ii - output impedance - Shure SE846

    Hey guys, I have a doubt.. is it advisable to plug the Shure SE846 having impedance of 9 ohms into the Fiio X7 Mark II having output impedance of 1.2 ohms? Will it really alter the the sound properties of the Shure SE846? Please do reply, i am really interested in buying the Fiio X7II. Thank...